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Perennial Garden Plan: Evergreen Shrubs Layer 2

The key to a good landscape for the front of your home is having a good foundation of shrubs — preferably evergreens that stay green even through the cold winter. Even though a lot of evergreen shrubs don’t have a ton of color interest, they will serve as an important backdrop for your other shrubs, plants, and flowers. These evergreens will also help to create a consistency throughout your landscape so that it doesn’t look haphazard. Continue reading

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Mason Jar Paint Storage (with printable label template!)

Over the weekend I spent quite a bit of time organizing all of my leftover house paint. I’m sure we all have the ugly corner of our basement or garage, filled with gallon paint cans holding less than a pint of paint… right? Well, after some digging on the internet I found some great paint storage solutions, and I’m going to show you how I used mason jars to store my paint more efficiently and beautifully. Continue reading


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