About the Pretty Purple Door Home Renovation Blog

Hello! I’m Amy and I bought a home in Old Forge, PA back in 2011.  I love everything about it. Well.. almost everything.

Pretty Purple Door is a DIY Home Renovation blog about fixing up my very first house. I bought the house with the intention to do some work to it, and add my stamp to it. This blog is about me, some reflections and ramblings about the rollercoaster that is owning your first home.


Where to start?

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This blog is also about you…

This blog is also about you. I post detailed project tutorials, give lots of tips & tricks, and am fully here to support your home reno and other creative home project endeavors. I have had readers e-mail me personally ([email protected]) asking about backsplash tile choices, landscaping, and certainly have fielded my share of questions about making your own copper penny floor.

Hopefully I can offer you some advice so that you can learn from successes, and my mistakes. And hopefully you enjoy my deadpan humor and sarcasm.

Get Featured!

My favorite part about blogging is the community that surrounds Pretty Purple Door. Why don’t you join in? I absolutely LOVE to see your very own DIY home renovation projects… so send me some photos of the cool projects you’ve done at your home. You can even write a story about it and your project will be seen by over 10,000 monthly visitors to this website! Currently, the biggest project gallery is for “Penny Projects” — check out all the amazing penny floors, backsplashes, tables, and more that my readers have created. Most of them are even better than my original penny floor!

Below you will see all the “before” photos of my home. Most of these are from the first time I went to look at the house, well before I made an offer, or directly from the MLS listing.

Check out the updated photos!

It’s safe to say a lot has changed since I bought my home. Why don’t you check out the photo gallery to see all of the updates I’ve made to the house since 2011!

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