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A Lesson in Wall Striping.

I really am no expert in wall striping, however, I stumbled across a blog post on be.love.create and I really liked the way their stairwell came out. I decided to give it my best try. You’d be better off following their instructions and photos as they do a GREAT job explaining everything.

My failures and difficulties were many in this project. I still have some touching up to do as a result of the problems, but overall I’m very proud tht I was able to complete it. Big thanks to Brian for helping me tape and level everything, and a huge thanks to Mike, or whoever bought Mike a laser level for Christmas in 2008. Without it, this would have been almost impossible.

The hardest thing was taping the walls level. Sometimes this is tricky, because the walls themselves can be crooked in older homes. My advice is to use your eyeball to make sure that it’s going to look ok. Even if it’s not completely 100% horizontally level, it has to look right to your eye. After you’ve taped off the stripes, seal each tape edge with a thin coat of the wall’s base color and let it dry. This will give you nice sharp edges because it acts as a seal, preventing the stripe color from bleeding underneath the tape.

My next tip, this is a big one, is make sure you use painters tape. I used mostly painters tape, and some masking tape… because I wanted to create different widths for the stripes. I used what I had on-hand, and I’m telling you this is a big mistake. If you are going to try it, you might as well do it right. Buy the good painters tape.

If you don’t listen to me, and then need advice in removing the masking tape, which will tear the paint off your entire wall and not pull off easily:

  • Use a razor blade to break the seal between the tape and the wall paint. Work slowly around the wall pressing hard enough to break the seal, but not too hard that you damage the wall.
  • Use a hair dryer to warm up the adhesive on the tape. This will help it peel off more easily, with less damage, and less headache.
  • Use a small artist paintbrush to do the touch-up. This worked really well for me.


Good luck! It’s really cool when it’s done so stick with it! I love my new dining room. Such personality!

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