Online Garden Design Courses: DIY your home landscape

I’ve created a series of online garden design courses for home gardeners interested in learning how to design impressively beautiful landscapes that are colorful in all four seasons, show off your personality and suit your lifestyle. My straight-forward process will help you SOLVE your landscape problems and turn you into the neighborhood garden guru that everyone goes to for advice.

In these fun and engaging online garden design courses, I’ll show you how to design a great plan, choose the right plants and cut down on unnecessary maintenance… no expensive degree or expert drawing skills required!

Online Gardening Courses

3 Secrets Reveled - Online Gardening Training

3 Gardening Secrets Revealed (Free)

In this free online training, you’ll learn the 3 mistakes that most beginner gardeners make that prevent them from having your dream garden. Watch it online right now!


collage of items for garden mood board.

Garden Style Mood Board Workshop

This workshop recording will help you define your unique garden style and create blueprints to a clear, specific and implementable vision for your yard that you can DIY (or hand over to a professional).

COST: $29

Garden Planning 101 Online Course

Garden Planning 101 Online Course

A beginner-level course to plan and plant a beautiful flower garden fast & easy. Learn how to plan out your space, research and select the right plants and create color schemes like the pros do.

COST: $127

Design your 4-Season Garden Online Course

Design Your 4-Season Garden Course

Get your dream garden using my Garden Design Framework to design a beautiful, colorful landscape that looks great in EVERY season.

COST: $159/mo for 3 months or $397 when you pay in full (Save $80!)

Great at Procreate Course Cover

Great at Procreate (For Landscape Designers)

This course is specifically for landscape designers who want to streamline your workflow and draw deliciously digital designs that your clients will eat up. I’ll take you step by step through the process of digitally creating a landscape design project using Procreate for iPad. Note: This is not a good fit for homeowners working on one landscape design project.

COST: $550

backyard before & after
Front yard before & after

Take the guesswork out of home landscaping

I’ve often wondered why no one teaches flower gardening in a step-by-step way. It’s maddening that we have to plow through piles and piles of information and end up even more confused about what to do than when we started. I’ve even met trained landscape designers that still don’t have a process that they follow to get beautiful, consistent results. So… I decided to create exactly that.

To make a long story short… I took a winding, difficult road to creating my unique, four-season landscape. I spent way too much money on the wrong things. I killed way too many plants (RIP to all of my casualties). I patiently waited for plants to grow, only to realize that I picked ones that looked like crap together.

And after years of trial and error I finally figured out a better way to garden! A way to plan out and actually GET my dream garden… without giving up the flexibility and fun of shopping for new plants and experimenting in my garden. A NEW way to look at gardening, if you will.

I put all of my knowledge and experience into these step-by-step online courses. Now, you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did. You just have to follow along and have fun!

What students are saying…

Before/After of Melissa’s garden. View more photos of her garden here.

This course has changed the way I think about gardening and has inspired and empowered me. I am so grateful that I found Amy and Pretty Purple Door. I have a new hobby I will enjoy for many years as a result!” 

-Melissa P., DESIGN your 4-Season Garden Course Student (Near Boston, MA, Zone 6B)
Jaime T. Garden Plan and Result
Jamie’s Garden Plan and her garden after taking the Design Your 4-Season Garden course.

“I’ve tried so hard to beautify my yard with a garden here and a garden there. I had such grand dreams in my mind of what it will all look like when I was done. I pictured myself sitting outside surrounded by gorgeous blooms, but the reality was pretty disappointing.

Before this course I felt really overwhelmed with trying to create a cohesive and enjoyable garden. My gardening was very random, which sometimes worked out well (by accident) but oftentimes left me underwhelmed and frustrated with my garden areas.

The step-by-step planning of a cohesive well-thought-out garden was exactly what I needed! Everything made sense once I put the knowledge I learned into practice. 

This course has given me confidence that I can create a beautiful space in my yard for any season of the year.

Jaime T., Design Your 4-Season Garden Course STUDENT

Once I opened the first module I couldn’t stop. The amazing information that Amy has simplified and put into a simple way to practice gardening is invaluable. I’ve added ‘before & afters’ of my backyard garden and I can’t wait till this spring to see everything come to life… Now I have to figure out the front!”

Jina Johnson-Ryan., Design Your 4-Season Garden Course STUDENT

“The planting pyramid made a big difference to how I approached the design. I was basically starting at the wrong end – thinking color, flowers, grasses – like trying to accessorize before I had decided on the dress. The pyramid put everything into perspective for me.”

Design Your 4-Season Garden Course Student

“Finally! A clear, concise and methodical (and friendly) resource for people who love gardening but don’t have landscape design degrees. I spent years searching online for usable information on plant bed design, plant selection, and plant placement. Everything else I’ve encountered has been complicated, confusing and/or incomplete. NOT HELPFUL! By not having a strategy, I not only suffered casualties and wasted money, but I wasted years I could otherwise spend enjoying a maturing landscape. Amy’s “chill” personality and teaching style and tools (clear and user-friendly) are excellent. The money you save by having thriving, healthy plants (instead of casualties) will more than compensate for the cost of tools and/or courses you purchase from Amy. Just remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish!”

-Miyoko, Garden Planning 101 Course Student (Washington, Zone 8)

“Fantastic course. No other experience like it. Making these videos makes it so personal and easy for me. Plus… you’ve given me the courage to start! Well worth the money!

 -Christina, Design Your 4-Season Garden Course Student

“You are awesome and your course is a garden’s angels sent. It is clear, concise, effective, to the point, with examples that can be followed and I actually know and understand what you are talking about. Thank you:)”

 -Nafee, Design Your 4-Season Garden Course Student

“Just do it – take the course, and enjoy Amy’s ‘How to’ videos!!! They are great! Even if you think you know everything on this subject you might be surprised what else you can pick up on tips ‘how to’….and people, who have never done it will definitely learn a lot.”

-Angie, Create a Garden Mood Board Workshop Atendee

I would definitely recommend this course to others, particularly those like me who might be struggling with the actual planning aspect of gardening.

If you’re tired of wasting time randomly putting plants together in your garden that ultimately do not work or that do not work together, this course will give you tools to coordinate and PLAN your garden space. If you struggle with being a not-the-best-planner personality like me, if you fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants like me (with often lackluster and frustrating results) and are looking for a “magic formula” for planning a successful garden, I think this course is what you’re looking for!

This course teaches some really great basics that you can use to build a uniquely-you garden that works.

-Jaime T., Design Your 4-Season Garden Course Student (South Carolina, Zone 8)

I really had no idea how to approach my front yard at all. I wanted my yard to look good but… I was definitely frustrated and even a little hopeless. 

I watched my neighbors lose hundreds of dollars on plants that failed within weeks. 

Because I didn’t yet know any of the techniques for working with color and texture that Amy teaches in Design Your 4-Season Garden, my initial plan was just to do all-white flowers. But the more I looked, the more I struggled to find even those.

The last thing I wanted to do was waste money, so I kept waiting to buy anything. 

Amy shows you how to find a ton of suitable plants for your zone. I was blown away by all the options I didn’t know existed!

So, even if you’re feeling hopeless like I was, don’t despair! When you discover how to find all the plants, you have so many more options than you currently even realize.

If you want a front yard or garden that looks amazing all the time, you won’t regret enrolling in Design Your 4-Season Garden. 

Amy is wonderful and generous with her information. All you have to do is watch the videos, print some worksheets and start your plan with her step-by-step framework. 

With that plan, you’ll save time, energy and money avoiding things that won’t work in your garden.”

-JR Design Your 4-Season Garden Course Student (Central California, Zone 9)

“Amy has truly put together a comprehensive course that anyone can implement. I was particularly impressed with the personal advice and even videos to help answer my complicated questions.
If you are on the fence about starting, don’t hesitate. It was well worth the price.”

-Amy S. Design Your 4-Season Garden Course Student (South Dakota, Zone 5)

The course is great. I feel more prepared when I walk into a garden center now. My trips don’t feel as frenzied as they used to. I can pass a pretty flower now if it doesn’t fit into my plan.”

-Cynthia Design Your 4-Season Garden Course Student


I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU! DANKE SCHOEN! MERCI BEAUCOUP! EFHARISTO (I’m Greek-American and now Swiss)!

I learned so much alongside my Garden Design DIploma – UK – (14 courses with top Garden Designers & Experts i.e., Noel Kinsbury, Piet Oudolf, Michael King, Andy McIndoe, Lead Rosarian at David Austin Roses, Michael Marriot)…

Your course, Amy, brought it ALL together 🙂

BIg thanks for your tremendous research and sharing all of your gardening knowledge and for your passion for gardening, Amy!”

-Fotene Design Your 4-Season Garden Course Student & Garden Designer (UK)

Garden Design Products & Resources

You may also be interested in browsing my Garden Design Shop for products and resources to help you get your dream garden at home. From ebooks to downloadable worksheets, you’ll find everything you need to gain the confidence to design a unique landscape right at home.

Online garden design courses for home owners
Online garden design courses for home owners