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Roxy’s Room Turned Art Studio

With some simple projects I transformed the unused Roxy Room into a makeshift art studio / craft room for a grand total of $36.00!!

The orignal Roxy Room!

To the right is the in-progress photo from when we originally started sheetrocking the Roxy Room. This room was one of the very first projects I took on at the new house. To the left was the “finished” room. Warm, safe, and lit with an overhead light on a dimmer, and a window for natural light, this basement room was sure to keep my big puppy out of trouble and comfortable while I was at work. Unfortunately, Roxy had other plans. Basically, she hated this room, and had a serious meltdown the first time I put her in it, destroying the moldings and scratching at the walls like a maniac. I opened the door to find her shaking and cowering in the corner. It was soooo sad (and pathetic). I’m thinking the new noises from the house upset her, and the transition to a new home is not something my big lady handled with the greatest of ease. It was a tough transition in general for her.

Regardless, she definitely was not comfortable in the room. Since she was getting a bit older (almost 2 years old) I thought I’d try leaving her in the house on the main level while I was at work. With some supervision via my web cam (while at work), I came to realize that my little girl was all grown up! She was able to hang out on the main level without being “distructo doggie”.  Trust me — 6 months prior to this it was NOT an option to leave her unattended in the house. She was a terrible chewer and ate her way through my house, and my clothes, and my pillows, and my bedding, and my furniture. Now, she is doing just great. Which is great.

Except for one thing: The Roxy Room. Ugh.

All that time and energy we spent making that a cozy little room for her!! We painted the floors, put up sheetrock, and painted the walls a peaceful blue color. We added a door, and put all her favorite things in there. It’s literally been used once, and since then has become a catch-all storage room for all my junk.

a new room for $36? I’ll take it!

Well not anymore! With some simple projects I transformed this Roxy Room into a makeshift art studio / craft room for a grand total of $36.00.

Everything in the new studio was recycled from other places in my house. I had shelving brackets and wooden shelves back from my very first apartment that were just sitting in a closet. So, I pulled them out and screwed them into the wall to make a little storage area. The desk is simply a fold out large table that I originally purchased for beer pong at my housewarming party (haha). The tablecloth, pictures on the wall, baskets, mirrors, chair, etc. are all random pieces that I had laying around. The light in the corner was an old light I used to have hanging above the sink in my old apartment.

Really the only item I spent money on were the area rugs. I purchased 2- 5x7ft area rugs at an outlet store for $18/piece. These were crucial to making the room  come together because they added the warmth and homeyness that it didn’t have with just a concrete floor.

Now I have a new place to do art projects that can be closed off from the rest of the house until I finish them. It’s nice to not have to do this in my upstairs office, where I am regularly working on the computer. The clutter drives me insane.

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I’m going to add some more storage to the other side of the room, and maybe put together some sort of wrapping paper holder/station once I can find the materials I need on sale. More pictures to come as I finish up the space!

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