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A few weeks ago I purchased a new basic black mailbox. I’ve been procrastinating installing it, even though the old one is rusty and gross.

photo from BHG.com

This past weekend I thought about it, and realized that I haven’t put the new one up because it’s just too plain. Although it’s clean and shiny, it’s just missing that pizzazz that makes me excited about my DIY projects.  I stumbled across a mailbox on bhg.com that really sparked my interest. It first interested me because the front door is lime green, but after a better look I noticed the simple little mailbox with “Hello” painted on it. What a cute idea!

So, I began searching for a decal of some sort that would work with the size of the new mailbox, and eventually found one on Etsy. It’s really a quick, simple way to add a touch of friendliness to your home. Everyone does the whole “welcome” sign, “welcome” mat, “welcome” wreath, etc. but who is really using “hello”? I think we all should 🙂

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