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A visit from the old neighbors (and I’m stealing their backyard)

one photo from an impromptu photo shoot with Tim, Laurie, and Roxy that happened while I was in the bathroom.

This weekend, a few of my old neighbors stopped by to see my new place. It’s so nice that we are keeping in touch, and I’m really thankful that they came over to visit us.

I gave them a tour and we had a blast catching up over drinks. I think the kitchen was their favorite room of the house. They also commented nicely on my color palette, the detailing around the door frames, the built ins, and the really cute upstairs.

I struggled a lot with moving to new neighborhood, just because these people have been the BEST neighbors for the past 10 years. It was a very tight knit neighborhood, and I always knew that they were watching out for me, my home, and my safety.

It’s always scary going somewhere new, and getting used to living with or around new people. I have met a lot of my new neighbors and so far they all seem very nice, quiet, and keep to themselves. I sure do miss this lively bunch though, and the sense of comfort they brought to me. So much so, that last night I stopped by Friday night to say hello and hang out on their back porch, like I’ve done so many Saturdays the past 10 years.

I was so excited for them to come by and see my new place, and have space for them to hang out with us!

Billy and Jon's backyard fountain and coy pond

After chatting and catching up for a few hours, we picked up some Old Forge pizza and went back to Billy’s place to meet the rest of the crew. Their whole backyard is a sanctuary, and something I really love and admire. When you step outside, you are on a nice patio with a pergola and some plantings growing above. All of the columns for the railings were cast in concrete by Jon, and it looks very Tuscan/Roman. A chiminea sits in the corner of the patio, and steps lead down into the grass, where a giant fountain with lion head spitting water into a beautiful coy pond flanks the back fence. To the left, a nice storage/art shed holds all of Jon’s “works in progress”.  It’s really beautiful, and makes me dream of the potential my yard has to be something truly beautiful.

I think I’ll have them over again to talk about some outdoor ideas.

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