Riding the home ownership rollercoaster.

(In the front row. With my hands way up over my head. And no lap bar. Ok... maybe I need a lap bar...)

Hello! My name is Amy and I serve home owners by sharing resources to make their home (and garden) projects fun instead of overwhelming. I've found that most home owners are enthusiastic about personalizing their homes but struggle with prioritizing and organizing projects... especially when there's so much to be done. So, I've created all types of planning and organizing products (plans, ebooks, worksheets, kits) so you can plow through your projects and start enjoy your home.

Once you get to that comfortable space where you have a plan and you aren't stressed or overwhelmed, you'll start dreaming up projects that will really make a difference in how you live. And that, my friend, is how you'll know that you're finally home.

When I bought my home in January 2012, I loved everything about it.

Ok, so you got me. My home was (and still is) adorable– but its certainly not perfect. But, I achieved my dream of being a homeowner before the age of 30. And I was single. And a girl. And it was a big, huge deal for me.

I was so freaking proud of my musty, cobweb-ridden investment that literally had insulation jammed into a hole in the wall where a window should have been. I didn’t care. It was mine. And to be honest when I look back at pictures I don’t really remember it looking like that. I think that in my eyes, my home always looked the way I dreamed it would look… not how it actually looked.

Pictures don’t lie… the brutal “insulation to fill the hole in the wall” window replacement saga

My proud dad. He refers to this as “the day the eagle died“.

My dad was proud, too. In fact, my dad is the reason that this whole blog started. For nearly a full year, he (and my mom, family and countless friends) helped me to fix my place up!

But, my dad was right there with me through it all that first year. And I’m not talking like… “oh he helped me paint the kitchen and it was a great day.” No. I’m talking “weekdays, weekends, up at 6 AM parging the foundation, climbing onto the roof to paint/clean out the chimney” type stuff.

I love to take pictures and while we worked on my house I was secretly taking pictures of dad. And that night I would sit down and write a blog post about what we did that day. He had no idea… and for nearly a year I documented our journey in a personal blog I called “Pretty Purple Door” — because he thought it was so stupid that I wanted to paint my door purple. Little did he know, this was the tip of the iceberg and I’d soon have him helping me make a floor using REAL pennies!! 🙂

And… on Christmas in 2012 after nearly a year of DIYing, I sat my dad down at the computer and showed him his gift. He started at the beginning and read every single post. And then he read them backwards. And from beginning to end… again… lol.

So, the “thank you” gift to my amazing dad was complete and my first year of home ownership (2012) came to an end. Although I had no intentions of continuing to write, I found myself referencing my blog to recall dates and materials more often than I care to reveal. One day, I opened an email from someone who was reading my blog and telling me how helpful its been to them.

To be honest, it was a bit curious/strange to me at first that someone was reading my dad’s “gift-blog”. But emails kept coming in from other home owners who were finding a lot of value in my documented journey. These emails really meant a lot to me… and to know that I was helping some other people navigate this home ownership stuff was enough reason for me to continue writing. So, here we are over 6 years later still on this journey. And it’s evolved into such a unique and special community that I had no freaking idea was ever possible. So, thank you for checking out my blog… and learning a little bit more about me. I’m really excited to hear about you, too! So if you’d like, you can email me directly at

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Below you will see all the “before” photos of my home. Most of these are from the first time I went to look at the house, well before I made an offer, or directly from the MLS listing.

Check out the updated photos!

It’s safe to say a lot has changed since I bought my home back in January, 2012. Why don’t you check out the photo gallery to see all of the updates!

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