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Aint no party like a painting party!

Yesterday my parents helped me paint the living room and hallway. Today my friends came to help with the rest of the house! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! What a great time we had. It was so much fun, and the place looks great!!

Here are my color choices:

BM Anjou Pear AF-425  Kitchen door, coat rack, dining closet, spare room upstairs. This color literally looks like an Anjou pear. It’s a beautiful greenish yellow color that’s unique and bright, but not too “candy” like. I have always used a bright Melange green in the past and this feels like a much more grown up color that isn’t lacking personality.

BM Wythe Blue HC-143 Living room, hall, stairway to basement, Roxy’s room. Named Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year in 2011, Wythe Blue is a member of the historic collection. I’ve noticed that it’s sort of a chameleon color. It looks very green on the fan deck, but very blue on my walls. In the morning, it takes on a greener appearance, and right before dark it’s at it’s very bluest. The chip actually looks extremely green, but don’t be scared of this beautiful color. I’ve used it in multiple rooms (even in different houses!) with multiple lighting situations. It has always looked beautiful!

BM Silver Fox 2108-50 Bedroom, bathroom, dining wall stripe, office. This Benjamin Moore color is one of those wet cement colors that looks like a warm grey on the wall, but comes off of a brown page in a fan deck because of its warm undertones. I actually found this color in a blog post about Sabrina Soto’s favorite staging colors. Don’t let it fool you… it’s gray, but not stark or boring at all.  It’s a deep color without being too dark or closing the room in. Just try it!


BM Revere Pewter HC-172 Dining room. A light gray with warm undertones, this classic shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. A great transitional colour, it’s perfect for an open floor plan. Revere pewter was a perfect, neutral gray for my dining room, which I plan to incorporate white and darker gray horizontal stripes into.


BM Sea Froth 2107-60 Roxy’s room. Since my doggie’s “room” is in the basement, I wanted to use something light and calming. This color is VERY light taupe/tan with almost a pinkish hue to it. I paired it with the leftover Wythe Blue from upstairs and it looks beautiful. I think it would play well with most colors… very neutral.


Donald Kaufman DKC-62 Kitchen. One of House Beautiful’s picks for the BEST gray, DKC-62 is described by Tori Golub, “At first glance, this is a soft grayish putty. Then its golden undertones unfold as it catches the light and it radiates with warmth. It’s like pale ashes with hidden embers glowing beneath them. It’s an old warmth, and the color is always changing.”


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