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Another busy weekend!

Two productive weekends in a row! This weekend we finished the priority to-do list by installing my new front storm door and  replacing the leaky kitchen faucet. 

The hardware was also rusted on the door, and it didn’t latch close. While I could have just replaced the hardware, I opted for a new door.

Front Storm Door

This Saturday dad and I tackled the installation of my front storm door. After installing the back door last weekend, we anticipated this would go a lot easier… and we were right. My back storm door is a Larson, and the front is a Pella. After installing both back-to-back, I’d have to recommend the Pella door for it’s ease of installation. Everything was pre-drilled and they supplied spacers to help set the door properly in the frame. Out of the two, I’d say this one would be easier to do if you don’t have a helper handy.

My new front storm door is full glass with black trim, so it matches the “eyeliner” of my house much better. The only thing I had to do was paint the trim around the door black to match the windows. It looks amazing… I think it was made just for me 🙂

The old storm door had white trim that didn’t really go with my house.
My new black door is gorgeous. It even has an inlay trim of bushed nickel right on the glass. What a difference it makes!

Kitchen Faucet

In my post last week, I mentioned that my kitchen faucet was on my priority to-do list, because it has been dripping constantly since I moved in. I picked up a Kohler faucet at the big box store, and the installation of the faucet was pretty simple to do. The hardest part about installing a new faucet is really the space in which you have to work. Lying on your back trying to loosen pipes that may be rusted or gunked on is not an easy task. There’s a nice tutorial on Doityourself.com that you should check out before deciding to tackle this project yourself.

My new Kohler sink – no leaks!!

Lamp Post Sign

I also began working on a new lamppost address sign for my house. After hours and hours of painstakingly scouring the internet for something I liked, I decided to just make my own. Read my post about the process I used.

Want to learn how to make your own custom address plaque? Read my next post to find out how!

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