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Beautiful new windows

Bathroom window

Yesterday my vinyl replacement windows were installed. I ended up with 5 replacement windows – the bathroom, guest room, office, and the dining room (2). A few months back I wrote a post about the different options for replacement windows. I used this information as a guide when deciding on the types of windows to get.

The guest room and office have double hung windows. This means that both the top and bottom window sashes open, and the sashes tilt inward. This is great, especially for the guest room and office, which are on the second floor. It’s very easy to clean both the inside AND the outside of the windows with this feature.

The bathroom window was a crank out window (the crank was broken, by the way) and it barely opened to give any airflow to the room, so I had that replaced with a double hung window. Even though the bathroom is on the first floor, the double hung just made sense here, and makes it easier to clean from the inside of the house. It’s a very small window, but at least it now opens generously.

The dining room windows are higher up on the wall, and are much more horizontal than they are vertical. Horizontal or double horizontal sliding windows are best used for this type of shorter-height window. They open by sliding to the left or right, without using any exterior or interior space.

Dining Room window, before
Dining Room window, after
hmm, which is worse?

It’s hard to determine which was the worst window in the house when I bought it, haha. It’s a toss up between the dining room window and the guest and office windows. The dining room window actually was missing a window, and an air conditioner was placed in the space and lined with insulation to keep the air out.  So does no window constitute a bad window?  I would say so. The window in the guest room did not open or close, it was just locked in the closed position. The office window opened, but part of the window wasn’t sitting properly in the frame, because the frame was actually rotting because the gap was allowing water onto the sill. So, yes, these were necessary updates.

In addition to getting the windows replaced, they also lined the exterior of the vinyl with black aluminum — keeping with the style of the black window frames that I painted when I first bought the house. This was a great option for me, because it matches the front windows, which I haven’t replaced yet. Because they used aluminum, the color will hold up with no maintenance — so I wont have to be painting these every couple of years. Total bonus.

My window guys were absolutely fantastic, I would highly recommend them if you live in Northeast PA, just send me a message and I’ll give you their name and number.

Guest room window and fascia repair.

Something I learned throughout this process is that if you have a professional coming in to do a particular job, don’t be afraid to ask them for a couple extras. I’ve learned that it’s really, really hard to get a handyman to come to the house for a simple job. Sometimes a very small job just isn’t worth it for them to take on. Evaluate your home before you hire someone for a bigger job, and see if you can get them to fix those odds and ends that are driving you nuts (within reason). When my window guy came, I asked him to put a piece of fascia onto the house for me. I already had the piece in the shed, and he was going to be on a big ladder putting the window in right there anyway. Most professionals will take care of small things like this for you if they have the knowledge to do so… so it really doesn’t hurt to ask them. The worst they can say is no. In addition to connecting the fascia, they also lined the kitchen window in black aluminum for me, so that it would match the others — not a big deal for him since he was already “on the job” — take advantage of that perk, but don’t abuse it. Ask them how much extra it would be, and if they don’t want any more money for it, I still always give them a cash tip just to say thank you.


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