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Before & After Fun!

I thought it would be fun to see some side-by-side before and after comparisons so far. Although I do this pretty regularly in my posts, I do have a few I don’t think I’ve showed yet. Plus it will be nice to see these down the road, as the house evolves. I will probably need 3 columns in the next edition 🙂

so cute, original listing photo

my house has eyeliner!
Living Room – Before

Living room, after paint, TV, and furniture placement!

my bedroom "before"

my bedroom, after

Before picture of the "eagle" shed

the shed looks great after a day's worth of hard work

front porch, before

new concrete steps and railings

downstairs bedroom, before

more of an intermediate photo, while decorated for St. Patrick's Day, but still much different than the "before"

basement "Before" paint and lighting

Still drying, but the floor is finis

big kitchen!

new fan, new stove, new drawer pulls, and some green chairs & shelving

Guest bedroom, original photo

Upstairs guest room, after

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