So you’re bringing a new puppy home? Congratulations! New puppies are so much fun! They bring joy, happiness and laughter into a home. They provide companionship and unconditional love. They can also be hyper little jerks that destroy your house.

Not even joking.

I’ve had my own experiences with bring a new puppy home. And since I recently adopted my adorable rescue dog Sally, I thought it would be a great time to create “Sally’s Survival Guide” where I can talk about some of my favorite new puppy toys, foods, accessories, tips & tricks.

We’re going to start with new puppy toys, because picking out toys is so much fun! AND, getting some new puppy toys new puppy is the KEY to your survival during this fun & exciting time.

The Best New Puppy Toys

Bringing a puppy home? These are new puppy toys that are sure to be Winners. Sally tested and approved!

Sally Tested These New Puppy Toys

Sally's Puppy Toy Picks - Tire Toy

TireBiter Mini Chew Toy with Rope

I have a personal connection to this toy — it was the first toy I bought for Sally. I purchased it while waiting for the foster family to call me so I could officially pick her up and adopt her. They told me that she loved rope toys, and this is a rope, and a rubbery tire all in one. She loves it. She plays tug of war with it, and also chews on the tire part — which is a strong, durable, but soft rubbery material. Considering she chomps on this thing day and night, and we’ve had it for over 2 months, I’d say it’s pretty durable If you are looking for a versatile new puppy toy this is a great option. Kind of like two puppy toys in one. It’s a great all around toy that Sally would definitely recommend.

Jolly Balls

Virtually indestructable, these toys provide hours of entertainment. Roxy Ann loved these Jolly Balls! In fact, the blue one in this photo was Roxy’s. As you can see, it’s a little big for my Sal Gal, but she still loves it!

See they are so indestructible that I was able to use the same ball for two different dogs.

Sally plays with this ball more than any other toy she has. It’s her “outdoor” play toy. Try the Jolly Ball with Handle, or Jolly Ball with Rope (we have both!). This new puppy toy is highly recommended and Sally approved.

Sally's Puppy Toy Picks - Jolly Ball
Sally's Puppy Toy Picks - Rope Tug

Simple rope tug toy

I think you may see a theme emerging here — chewing/tugging toys are serious hits in our house! And most new puppies are chewers and love these types of toys. We love the simple rope tug toy. Sally has 3 of them because she’s spoiled rotten! And surprisingly she plays with the rope toy every day. We have one that we keep outside and the other two she either chews or throws around in the house. Sally thinks this is more of a general toy than just a tug toy. She loves her ropes.

Triple Ring Toy

My mom sure knows how to pick new puppy toys! She gave this to Sally when she found out we got a new puppy. And…. she absolutely loves this thing. She is a strong chewer and it’s still in one piece. The center ring on the one we have is more of a cloth material, and the two outer rings are very hard plastic with different types of nubbys on it. As far as new puppy toys go, this is a huge hit. Playing tug with this triple ring toy is as fun as fun can get for a new puppy. Also, when Sally is laying around with me at night, she chews the sh!t out of this. She also picks it up and throws it in the air and tries to catch it. It’s a great all around toy — Sally especially recommends this if your new puppy loves to chew or play tug!

Sally's Puppy Toy Picks - Triple Ring
Sally's Puppy Toy Picks - Wishbone Chew

Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

This bacon flavored wishbone chew toy is the best seller in dog bones on Amazon and has 4.5/5 stars! So, we just had to try it. Sally loves to chew, and nip, and jump. I thought this wishbone would be a great toy for her to munch on while we are relaxing. Unfortunately — that never happened. The second I took this out of the package Sally went out in the backyard and buried it (video near bottom of post). About a week later, I dug it up and gave it back to her. Again, she buried it. I’m not sure what that means as far as our recommendation goes. Should you buy this new puppy toy? Considering the reviews on Amazon, if you think your new puppy would love it, then go for it. Unfortunately, it’s been a bit of a bust at our house.

The “Miss” List of New Puppy Toys

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve omitted tennis balls, squeakers and stuffed animals from this list. Honestly, they are not a huge hit in our home. However, I know a lot of dogs that do love these types of toys.

Tennis Balls

A lot of dogs absolutely LOVE – LOVE – LOVE tennis balls. Sally will chase a ball, but ultimately because she’s such a chewer she ends up pulling the felt off, and I have to pay close attention to her to make sure she doesn’t swallow anything yucky. That’s why I think the Jolly Ball is a better alternative.

Squeaker Toys

Squeaker toys are pretty popular in the puppy pet aisle. But again, I wouldn’t recommend them as a first choice. First of all, my Sally is a rescue dog. She’s a bit afraid of loud noises. She was playing with a toy one day, squeezed it, and found out it squeaked–Immediately became disinterested in the toy. She actually took it outside and buried it. Any squeaky or noisy toy since has been retired to the backyard puppy toy cemetery. If your dog isn’t afraid of loud or high pitched noises, you can try a squeaker toy. However, most dog owners will tell you that most will destroy the toy to get the squeak out, then it’s over and done with.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are so wonderful. Sally has one that’s actually a hand-me-down from Roxy. She has ripped the ears off of it and slit its throat. Any stuffed items she gets her paws on are destroyed pretty quickly. I think this is pretty normal for puppies so I ultimately wouldn’t recommend starting out with a soft stuffed animal.

My Roxy Ann destroyed tons of stuffed animals in her time as well. There was this one though. She just took to this pink stuffed puppy toy and carried it around like a baby. She slept with it, on it, cleaned it, brought it everywhere… would not go to bed without it. But she was about 2 years old before she would not immediately destroy a plush toy. They are so adorable though, right?

Wrapping Up

So obviously Sally loves toys. I would say that she loves the Jolly Ball most, but it’s a toss up. She truly plays with all of them. My best recommendation is to get a more versatile toy for your new puppy — and see how it goes. If you can afford it, get a variety of different things– but don’t spend too much as new puppies are super destructive little jerks. That’s why on our miss list were tennis balls, squeaker toys, and stuffed animals. Sally thinks these types of toys are for “grown up” doggies, not little puppies like her.

Thanks for reading! I know that you’ll find out really quickly what types of toys your new puppy is interested in. Does your new puppy have a favorite? Post below and let us know. I’d love to see pictures of your fur babies.

Sally playing with her new puppy toys

Check out these new puppy toys tested & approved by Sally, my rescue dog.

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New puppy toys tested & approved by Sally

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