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Chimney Paintin’ kinda day

Long extender rods and crazy monkey-like people not afraid of heights are your friend.

Giving the chimney a fresh coat of paint is something every home owner can do. But, while it sound easy enough, there are a couple snags you need to prepare for before you begin.

  1. Buy enough paint. There’s nothing worse than almost finishing a job and running out of paint. By buying something off the shelf (not custom mixed) you can buy more than you need and return what you don’t use later!
  2. Start at the top. How are you going to get up there? Do you need to scale the roof (I did, haha), or can you buy a roller extender pole that will reach high enough to coat the whole thing? What about trim-work? Thinking this through before you start can save a mountain of headaches.
  3. Safety First. Work with a buddy– especially if you need to get on the roof. My dad and I came up with a system using the paint roller extender pole to pass the roller up to me. He would load it with paint, screw it onto the rod, send it up and I would unscrew it and paint away. It really worked nicely. He also helped talk me through getting off the roof (going backwards onto a ladder = not easy).

With a little preplanning, you’ll have a fresh coat of paint on your chimney in no time flat. We finished mine in a little over an hour!

The chimney was in need of some TLC
A coat of paint gave the chimney a fresh, new look.

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