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Amy Fedele
Owner of PrettyPurpleDoor
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Questions or comments? You can reach Amy directly via email at [email protected].

A few things before you get in touch:

  • I do NOT accept guest posts on this website. Do not email me regarding guest post ideas in order to obtain backlinks to your website. I will not accept payments of any kind in exchange for guest posts or backlinks to your website.
  • I am open to partnership opportunities; however I am very particular about the companies I decide to partner with. It would need to be a good fit and in alignment with what I teach.
  • I get A LOT of requests regarding partnerships and other misc. opportunities. So, if you do not hear back from me, it’s because I don’t think it’s a good fit.

Physical Location

Pretty Purple Door is located in Northeast Pennsylvania (Gardening Zone 6B). However, Pretty Purple Door does not have a physical location that you can visit or send mail to.

As an online business, Pretty Purple Door services a large audience across the USA, Canada and other areas of the world.

Online Locations

Also follow Pretty Purple Door in any (or all) of these ways:

Leave a Review

If you are having any issues or concerns with a product or service you’ve purchased from me, I do ask that you contact me via the email address above before leaving a review. I really want you do be happy with any purchases you make from me and I’m sure we can resolve any issue you may have, privately.

With that said, if my content has helped you at all in your gardening journey, I’d really appreciate it if you took a minute of your time to Leave me a 5 STAR REVIEW on Google.

I ask that only paying customers of my products or services leave a review on Google. If you have not purchased from Pretty Purple Door as a business, it would imagine it would be quite difficult for you to leave a review of my products or services. However, it does happen.

PS: If you haven’t purchased anything from me (yet), but still want to share something with me, please drop me a line using the email address above. I’m excited to hear about any small role I’ve planted in your gardening journey. I love to share my reader’s messages on my testimonials page in hopes they will inspire home gardeners who are just getting started.

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