I love the look of a floating glass frame and I’m always on the hunt for them. But recently I couldn’t find a square one in the size I was looking for and it occurred to me how ridiculously easy it would be to make a floating glass frame out of a regular picture frame.   It literally only takes ONE simple supply to turn almost ANY picture frame into a beautiful floating glass frame.

So… this short & sweet tutorial will show you how to make a floating frame from almost ANY picture frame!

Materials to make a floating frame from a regular picture frame

This is a pretty simple process. Here’s what you need:

  • A non-floating picture frame that’s larger than the artwork or photo you would like to frame
  • An additional piece of glass or plexiglass that’s the same size as the glass in the picture frame you’ll be using.
  • Double-sided tape (or scotch tape that you just fold over to make double-sided
  • Glass cleaner and some paper towels

P.S. You might also need something to hold the glass into the frame. Most picture frames will already have a mechanism to secure your frame to the back. If it doesn’t you could use push pin glazier points or picture turn buttons

P.P.S. If this is something you plan to do often, I’d recommend getting a Point Driver tool (I have the Logan Dual Point Driver Elite). You’ll also need flex points for the point driver. Flex points are those little bendable pieces on the back of the frame that you pull upward to remove the photo, and the point driver lets you install these yourself on any project.

How to make any frame into a floating glass frame

OK– so we have our materials and we’re ready to get started. I can’t believe how simple this is and I’m kicking myself for buying expensive floating frames when I could have been doing this all along.


Make a floating glass frame from any picture frame

If you can’t find a second piece of glass, sometimes its easier to buy a cheap picture frame and just take the glass out of that. This record frame was $3.

Disassemble your picture frame removing the backing and any artwork that’s inside of it. Make sure you clean both pieces of your glass really really well!


Make a floating glass frame from any picture frame

Take the “second” piece of glass that you’ve purchased, and use double-sided tape to position your artwork in the center of the glass. So, the artwork will be taped on TOP of your second piece of glass. You can see in the photo that the tape will be hidden from view if you do it this way.


Make a floating glass frame from any picture frame

Put the glass with the artwork into the frame right on top of the other piece of glass. Ultimately you are “sandwiching” your artwork between the two pieces of glass. Here’s a view from the back… it will be your original piece of glass, then your artwork, then the second piece of glass. You can see the tape marks from the back only.

Make a floating glass frame from any picture frame

Reassemble the frame and hang it up! This is what mine looks like.



Make a floating glass frame from any picture frame


Wrapping Up

I told you it was super easy to make a floating glass frame. All you need is a second piece of glass. Tape your artwork onto the glass and then sandwich the artwork in between the two. Reassemble your frame and hang it up! It’s super simple, effective and much less expensive than buying a fancy floating frame.

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Make a floating glass frame from any picture frame

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