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Easy DIY Mothers Day Gifts your mom will love

cool DIY projects that you can make for mom

Since Mother’s Day is only a few short weeks away (OMG)… I thought it would be fun to make a list of some cool DIY projects that you can make for mom! I’ve found that handmade gifts are always appreciated by my mom. Putting some thought into Mother’s Day this year will make a world of difference to her… and it won’t even take that much time.

Who knows, you might even have some fun making these projects!!!

Or better yet… pick a project that you and mom can make together 🙂

Handmade Family Tree

What mom wouldn’t love this? Pick up this DIY family tree kit on Etsy and you’ll be on your way to making an awesome family tree in no time. It comes with a great booklet of ideas to get you started…. but guess what?? If you want to completely DIY this you can get the idea book for FREE… Just visit this link to pick yours up today.

DIY a Hanging Basket

diy self watering hanging basket
Isn’t that gorgeous?

Here’s a SUPER easy way to make a DIY self-watering hanging basket or self watering planter without spending any money at all. I got this awesome basket with holes in the sides from Plantopia on Amazon. Then head over to this post to make it self-watering!

Old Drawer Planter

Cool DIY Projects - How to Make Planters from Old Drawers Before & After

How adorable is this drawer planter! It only took me an hour or two to make it. Maybe skip the “grow dammit” plaque and add something a little more sentimental for your mom. Unless your mom is like my mom and would get a kick out of a humorous sign 🙂

Read more.

How about a handmade picture frame?

Rustic Pallet Frames by

These rustic pallet frames hold two 4×6″ photos and are made from reclaimed pallet wood, burlap, and other miscellaneous metal, & paper supplies. Any family loving mom would love a handmade frame. I used to sell these in my Etsy shop, but I’ve also provided a tutorial so you can make your own at home.

Scarecrow & Snowman Door Hanger

Reversible Pallet Door Hanger by
Here’s a snowman with a girl scarecrow on the other side. Just flip it over when the seasons change!

Maybe it’s a little early for this one but omg these are so cute and your mom will love them. This reversible pallet door hanger features a scarecrow on one side that flips to a snowman on the other side.

They are super fun to make (here’s a step-by-step tutorial) and are a great way to transition from fall to winter without any hard work or storage. Just flip it over and you’re done!

Seriously… tell me… what mom wouldn’t love this?

Stained Glass Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights

Paint Mason Jars at night with solar lights

Get some of those quilted patterned jelly mason jars and some of the 97 cent plastic solar path lights you find at Walmart (Westinghouse brand). 

Use my tutorial to turn the jars into solar lights, then paint the jars with glass paint to really add some whimsy to them.

Special bonus tip: Since I’ve posted this tutorial about the glass paint they’ve come out with an awesome new product: Stained glass spray paint. I’ve personally tried it and within a few seconds you can get this amazing look! Try the orange!

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cool DIY projects that you can make for mom
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