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Ductless AC unit!

A few weeks ago I had a Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioning unit installed in my living room
I was so incredibly excited to get this unit. If you read my previous post you know that my house is incredibly muggy, and I really don’t have any windows on the main level (or bedroom) that can hold a regular AC window unit.

After doing some research, I got a few quotes on the ductless units. Basically they measure the square footage of your space and determine the size of the unit you’ll need to cool it.

Some of the units (including mine) have a heat option as well! Since I have oil heat here, I thought that the energy efficiency of this unit would really help supplement the oil in the winter. Ill write an update on that after the winter months for those interested.

Now, Ill be the first to admit that I made some mistakes on this project. The sad part is that I know better. Unfortunately, I’m not completely happy with the unit. I had an HVAC specialist come to my house to measure and give me a quote. I explained my issues, the biggest being my sauna of a bedroom. After measuring my house he insisted that I could get one single large unit, place it in a central location (living room) and the amount of BTUs in that unit would cool my entire downstairs. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is, and I made a mistake.

I did get other quotes after having this guy come out, but unfortunately I didn’t have them come to my house. I stupidly assumed that because he gave me the measurements and the unit size, that it was the best option. If you end up going this route I highly recommend having multiple HVAC specialists come to see your layout and give you their recommendations. Don’t be like me and base it off of what one guy says. For the record, I actually know this man too. I have 3 personal connections to him. So don’t let family or friend acquaintance relationships fool you. I really hope someone can learn from my mistakes 🙂

So, what’s the problem you ask? The problem is basically that because of the location of my bedroom and the placement of the unit in my living room, the temperature ranges about 6-7 degrees warmer in the bedroom. Although he said that the unit would work for my square footage, he didn’t take into consideration any walls or floor plan.

These units are really designed for office buildings and open layout restaurants. So, it’s not a design flaw, it’s an installer flaw. They do make ductless units with zoning, where multiple units can be strategically placed throughout the home so there are no hotspots. I should have learned more about this before the install, but unfortunately I didn’t.

All in all, I think if the unit was properly placed I would be in LOVE with it. It’s incredibly powerful and quiet. I must say, I do love having it in the living room. I’m happy with the unit, I really am. I am just disappointed in my decision on installation, as well as the deceitfulness of my installer. He flat out told me lies and took my money.

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