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Celebrate Earth Day by planting and learning about trees

How to plant and care for your earth day tree

Happy Earth Day!

What better to celebrate Earth Day than by planting a tree (or 10)? I’ve put together some awesome articles so that you can plant your #earthday trees and keep them healthy! There are also lots of other ways to participate in Earth Day.

Ginkgo 'Autumn Gold' in Fuzhou People's Park, Ishibashi, Japan
Autumn Ishibashi Countryside Wood Gingko Tree

Learn more about trees

Articles about Trees

To celebrate Earth Day, here are some of the best posts about using trees in your landscape!

Featured Trees

Take a Gardening Class

Free Gardening Class

If you want to get into the earth day spirit, sign up for this free gardening class to learn all about trees, landscapes and gardening.

You can also check out the RESOURCES page to learn more about my favorite gardening stuff including books, tools, online plant stores and more!

More Gardening Courses

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Visit a Park or National Arboretum

Getting out into the fresh air is another great way to celebrate Earth Day.

More Ways To Participate in Earth Day

More Gardening Posts You’ll Love

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