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My house is wearing eyeliner!!

my house has eyeliner!

What a long day it was!

My FAVORITE update, though, has to be the black paint we used for the window and door frames. I struggled with this, as the peeling paint I was covering was white. But the house was just screaming for something different. I thought that the black paint would go well with the wrought iron railing, and soon-t0-be-painted black foundation, and black roof. It looks amazing. I’m so happy with it. Like my house is wearing eye-liner! Isn’t she pretty?

In addition to the trim paint, we also parged the foundation (the darker color to the right of the steps is actually wet concrete). This is basically just like putting frosting on a cake… it evens out the bumps and chips. If you are familiar with spackling, it’s the same process, but instead of spackle, we used concrete.

We also fixed a crack in the sidewalk leading up to the house using the same concrete we mixed for the parging. All we did was apply a bonding agent to the concrete that’s already there, to get it to stick.

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