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A Fall Room Decor Swap: Changing Your Living Room with the Seasons

fall room decor swap

This past weekend I decided to swap some of my living room items to make way for my warm and cozy fall room decor. I’ll give you some examples of what you can do to change your decor seasonally, without breaking the bank!
It’s not difficult to make the switch to fall room decor if you set yourself up for success. The biggest challenge in swapping decor seasonally is your “big ticket & time items” — such as furniture and wall paint. If you purchase neutral furniture and have a neutral wall color it’s much easier to switch up the rest of the room seasonally. I know, it’s sort of a big *yawn* factor. But, you can purchase neutral items and paint *sort of* neutral colors on the walls without it being boring. For example:

yvetteHere is a grey “neutral” couch. Actually, it’s my grey neutral couch (minus the pillows). I love the color grey, it’s more of a cool blue grey that looks a bit like denim. It’s very modern looking but still very comfortable. It’s a nice neutral piece that works well with a lot of different types of decor.  No matter the style of the couch, choosing a neutral color is better if you like to change things up. I used to have a red couch. I love, love, loved it. But, red is such a strong color. While it went great with my fall room decor, it made it very difficult come spring. That’s why when I set out to purchase a new couch I picked something more neutral.

fall room decor
Is this color gold? Or green? It probably depends on the time of day and the weather. Think of it as getting several colors for the price of one. (From Houzz.com Article)

A lot of colors can read neutral even if they aren’t. This is true for a lot of paint colors. Often times, they read one way or another, depending on the lighting and the other colors in the room. This is what you want to shoot for. Fred Albert at Houzz wrote a great article called The Case for In-Between Colors that gives plenty of in-between color examples that would work well with fall room decor, or any of your seasonal decor choices!

My living room wall color is Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore. While it’s not neutral, this blueish-green tends to fade into the background quite well.  You can see that with the bright painting on the wall, the color looks almost grey-green.  Because of this, I don’t have to paint my walls 4 times a year. Yay!

fall room decor

My Fall Room Decor Swap

Ok, onto the fun stuff: my fall room decor swap. All I did was wander around my house looking for new items I cou

l’d put into my living room. Literally, I purchased nothing. Everything I put in the room I had in a different location.

Curtains Can Make Your Room *Scream* Fall

Nothing says fall room decor like the perfect set of curtains. I swapped out my beloved citrus floral patterned curtain for a more subdued color pallete with tons of style.

fall room decor cutain swap

I bought these
Suzani Print Curtains
2 years ago at World Market. If you remember (way back), they were in my “Laura Room” — or guest room. Now, they replaced the bright green, red, black and white patterns on my living room window.

fall room decor curtains
fall colors can quickly change the feel of a room.

How About a Reversible Quilt?

I was fortunate enough to have my wonderful neighbor hand make a quilt for me a few years ago. I picked the colors and the pattern, and I’m so in love with it. One thing that I had her do while making it was to do the “backing” of the quilt in a different color than the front. The front is bright greens and the back is a dark red: perfect for my fall room decor. This simple switch worked really well for me.

fall room decor
the front is the green check pattern, and the back is that reddish orange color. Flipping it over for my fall room decor makes perfect sense.

If you don’t have a custom made quilt like me (I’m seriously not trying to brag), there are plenty out there you can buy at a reasonable price. Actually I just saw reversible quilts on sale at Boscovs for $20 each. For not much money, you can also buy a few throws in different colors and just swap them out with the seasons. Or, take a comforter or blanket from another room and use that as a pop of color.

Throw Pillows are Your Fall Room Decor Friend

Throw pillows, as I’m sure you all know, are such an easy solution. You can even buy the pillow covers if you are short on storage. Then you can switch up the covers each season for a completely new look. I’m not going to elaborate on this much more because I think it’s easy to understand.  Check out Etsy for some autumn throw pillows

fall room decor
I swapped this black and white chevron rug with 2 smaller, neutral, green and brown rugs.

How About Swapping an Area Rug?

This worked out quite well for me. As many of you know, my area rug in my living room is a bold black and white chevron pattened rug. It really, in no way, shape, or form, goes with fall room decor. So, I had to come up with a solution.

Then I remembered my Roxy Room turned Art Studio in the basement. I purchased 2 inexpensive area rugs just to cover up the concrete in that room. They are green and brown, and would be perfect! So I trudged downstairs, rolled them, carried them up, took the chevron one down… ugh, I wont lie, it was quite the sweaty process. But, the outcome was worth it.

fall room decor lampshades
I swapped these bright green shades for skinny burlap shades that add less bulk but more texture.

Lamp or Lampshade Switch

This is something most people don’t think about, but it helps a lot. Change the lamp shade, or move your lamps from room to room! It’s so simple and easy. Lighting can change the whole feeling of the room, and even a different lamp shade can filter the light in a different way that gives you a whole different experience. Try it!

Repurpose Artwork from Other Rooms

I have tons of artwork so this was easy for me. I know it may not be as simple for everyone, but if you have the opportunity to swap some artwork it can make all the difference in the world. I swapped my giant white, black and green mirrors for  2 pieces of artwork and a funky mirror. The artwork was in my bedroom and the circles mirror was in my kitchen. I took the 3 mirrors in the living room and put them where the other pieces of art were.

fall room decor swap
I even swapped out a cat for a dog to match my room decor. HAHA J/K 🙂


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