Gardening Resources

The ultimate list of gardening resources like books, worksheets and products. These are some of my absolute favorite gardening resources for DIY home landscapers. 

Every item on this list is something that I have tried and/or currently own and would STILL recommend… that means that I love them and would buy them again. I take my recommendations very seriously so if you’ve used any of these products and had a bad experience, please let me know. Please note that I may earn a commission when you shop through links on this page.

Gardening Books

Order Trees, Plants & Bulbs Online

Water, Soil, etc.


Fertilizers & Weed Killers

  • PlantTone all purpose fertilizer by Espoma
  • First Saturday – “The pesticide the earth loves” protects you, your home and your loved ones all year long. From $18.99/mo.
  • Nature’s Care Organic Bone Meal by Miracle-Gro
  • Espoma: I have used several Espoma products and would recommend this company if you are interested in using organic fertilizers that work in harmony with nature.
  • Bonide Burn-Out Weed Killer – made with natural ingredients, this type of weed killer doesn’t work as well as chemical ones and may need multiple applications to be effective. I still use it because it’s safe for people, pets and the environment.

Gift Ideas, Kits, Subscription Boxes

  • Plant & Garden Subscription Boxes from Cratejoy
    • Bloomin’ Bin – A gardening subscription box for all skill levels. From $7.75/mo.
    • My Garden Box – Creative and crafty garden collections. Includes live plants and everything else you need. From $35.50/mo.
    • The Succulent Source – Succulents and Cactus of the Month – 5 unique succulent and cactus plants. From $27.00/mo.
    • Succulents Monthly – Get a high-quality, curated collection of succulent plants, pots, media, and fun gardening goodies! From $17.41/mo.
  • Craftsy – Unleash Your Creativity Project kits, supplies and video content to help you master what you love.

Gardening Courses

Tools for Home & Garden

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