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Every gardener needs a good, reliable pair of gardening shoes. But, gardening shoes for women that are also comfortable can feel like a pipe-dream. I’m sure you’re already used to sacrificing style for function with your gardening gear… especially when it comes to shoes, boots or clogs that have to keep your feet dry.

But listen… just because you like to play in the dirt does NOT mean that you can’t look good doing it.

Am I right?

So, I’ve found some cute gardening shoes for women on the web! I’ve broken these down into all different kinds of categories so you can find the best and cutest ones for you. Here are the categories:

  1. Best Overall (plus runner up and honorable mention)
  2. Highest Quality Gardening Shoes
  3. Best Budget-Friendly
  4. Best for Wide Feet / Muscular Calves
  5. Most Versatile Gardening Boots
  6. Cutest Clogs
  7. Most Unique Gardening Shoes

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⭐️1: Best Overall Gardening Shoes Winner

When I ask other gardeners about their favorite waterproof shoes… sloggers ALWAYS, ALWAYS comes up. So it’s probably no surprise to you that sloggers made this list as the best overall gardening shoes.

Sloggers Ankle High Waterproof Garden Shoe

Sloggers offer adorably cute women’s waterproof rain and garden shoes in a HUGE amount of patterns. Sloggers also have high quality insoles for maximum comfort with heavy duty lug tread to keep you from slip-sliding away. Sloggers win best overall gardening shoes because

  • they come highly recommended by many avid gardener friends of mine
  • they come in many adorable patterns and colors
  • they are VERY reasonably priced

By the way, if you are not digging this style, Sloggers makes everything from slip on clogs to knee-height boots in a wide range of colors and patterns. Check them all out here on Amazon. You’re bound to find a super cute pair!

Price: $30-$40

Runner Up: Joules Women’s Molly Welly Rain Boot

Another outstanding competitor for very high-quality gardening boots comes from Joules. Joules offers a mid-calf (buy here) and a knee high (buy here) wellie boot style that will stand the test of time. One of my readers told me that she’s been using these boots for 3 years and they are still going strong.

“I bought a mid calf pair of Joules and they’re still going strong in year 3. So far they have not leaked.”

-Stacy L.

There are a lot of really cute patterns, too — like fun stripes, dragonflies, bees and even doggies.

Price: $50-$60

Honorable Mention: Western Chief Women’s Neoprene Step in Rain Shoe

I wanted to include this particular gardening shoe in the mix because I actually own this pair. Although they aren’t a well-known brand, I really like them and they hit that sweet-spot for me between good price and high style.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to be wearing knee-high wellies in the middle of the summer heat. This is a really cute option for an ankle high gardening shoe that won’t sweat you out in the heat.

I just love this paisley pattern and the coverage that this waterproof garden shoe gives me. The treads on the bottom are not so deep that you get hunks of dirt stuck to your feet. And the insole has elastic in it so that it’s right against your ankle, keeping your feet dry.

These, in my opinion, run about 1/2 size small so be sure to order a size up.

Price: $30-$40

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⭐️ 2: Highest Quality Women’s Gardening Shoes

Muck Boots Muckster Ll Women’s Rubber Garden Shoes

I honestly don’t find Mucks to be the cutest gardening shoes… but they need to be on the list because they are oh-so-popular and one of the best high-end brands around. These shoes are 100% waterproof and breathable with a shock-absorbing insole. And, if you get the women’s shoes they are specifically designed to support the female foot which is pretty darn cool. The two-toned color options are also feminine so you don’t have to look like an old man while you garden.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and comfortable gardening shoe that is built to last, Mucks may be the choice for you.

Price: $65-$140

⭐️ 3: Most Budget-Friendly Garden Shoe

If you’re like a lot of gardeners, you aren’t willing to spend a fortune on style because you know you’ll be pretty hard on whatever shoes/boots you choose. So, I thought it would be fun to include a really budget-friendly and cute gardening shoe that will make your feet and your wallet happy. And if you are rough on these babies and need to throw them out at the end of the season, you won’t feel so bad!

VIFUUR Quick-Dry Aqua Yoga Socks Slip-on

These are actually aqua socks / water shoes but they can easily double for garden shoes… especially if you love the barefoot feeling but don’t want to get any worms or slugs between your toes 😂. There are nearly 50 different pattern options available for this shoe as well. Some of them are really cute. To top all of that off… they are REALLY CHEAP… like… the cheapest I’ve found. So why not grab a pair? Even as a backup these would be a great addition to any gardener’s closet!

Price: $10-15

⭐️4: Gardening Shoes for Women with Wide Feet / Muscular Calves

Ugh… the struggles for those of you with wide feet or big calves. I have a friend that can’t wear any of those knee high dress boots because her calves are just too muscular to get them to zip up. If you can relate, I have just the option for you. You shouldn’t have to go clunking around in men’s boots when there are stylish options that will accommodate both wide feet AND muscular calves.

Jileon Ankle Height Wide Calf Rain Boots

These super cute ankle-height boots are specifically designed for ladies with wide feet AND calves. Can’t go wrong here if you have trouble finding a great 100% waterproof boot that will also be comfortable.

Price: around $60

⭐️5: Most Versatile Boot for Women Gardeners

It’s great to have ankle high clogs… especially in the summer months when the weather is scorching. But… sometimes a girl just needs a good boot to do those particularly messy gardening chores.

However, the winner of this category got me really excited. Not only is it a knee high boot… it’s also a mid-calf boot… all in one. Such versatility landed this baby a spot on my list!

Hisea Women’s Garden Boots Waterproof Gardening Boots

My pick for the best gardening boots are these babies. They are basically a tall and mid-height boot all in one. And, when you fold them over there’s an adorable pattern on the inside! So cute and versatile.

Price: around $50

Personally, I find most rubber boots to be too slippery and loose for my liking… so I lean towards the ankle high options. But if you don’t mind that loose style, our “best overall” winner, Sloggers, also makes a rubber boot that you need to check out.

⭐️6: Cutest Clogs for Gardening (not waterproof)

Sometimes… you just can’t beat a clog for a gardening shoe. Although they’re not waterproof you can slip them on really quickly and you don’t even need to wear socks. I’m sure that the fact I chose Crocs for this category doesn’t surprise you.

But what MIGHT surprise you are all of the color and pattern options they have available now. I was really surprised at how cute some of these slip-on clogs are!

Crocs Classic Clog

Ok these are definitely not waterproof, but many gardeners recommend Crocs as a great shoe/clog to have. They are super comfortable, lightweight, don’t get slippery when wet and come in lots of colorful and cute patterns.

Price: around $45

⭐️7: Most Unique Gardening Shoes for Women

There’s just something about a unique twist on a classic style that really gets me excited. And I’ve always loved the duck style shoes/boots for their versatility and function. But this particular option really got my attention because of the ankle high cut and the really classy patterns and color options. Such a fun and unique twist on a style we all know (and probably love).

JBU by Jambu Women’s Gwen Garden Ready Rain Shoe

OMG I just love these “duck” style boots. The ankle high low-tops in grey and pale blue are fabulous. Almost too cute to wear in the garden, if you ask me! There are several colors available including the classic duck style with navy and brown leather. This pair features vegan rubber and a memory foam insole to make them extra comfy.

However, these are “Weather Ready” rather than “Waterproof.” So… if you’re ok with not having 100% watertight gardening shoes, these are adorable and definitely worth a gander!

Price: $20-$50

woman standing in grass taking photo downward with muddy pants and duck style gardening shoes
The gardening shoes in this photo are discontinued Sorels. But, the JBU’s mentioned above have a really similar style and color option here. By the way… don’t forget to pin this post for later!

Wrapping Up

Well as you can see… just because you love to garden and need a durable, hard-working, waterproof shoe… doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style. With the options on this list, you should be able to find a really cute and comfortable option for all of your gardening adventures.

Do you have special shoes or boots you use for gardening? Or do you just slip on a pair of sneakers and get out there? No matter what you wear on your feet, the most important thing is that you’re getting out there and enjoying your garden!

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