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bloom chart mockup pdf download

Flower Bloom Tracker

Free Printable Charts

A Four-Season Garden Essential! Use these bloom charts to determine when each plant starts blooming, stops blooming (& how long it flowers) so you can maintain color & interest throughout the entire year!

ebook mockup pdf download

Master the Mixed Border

Free PDF Guide & Checklist

This free guide will immediately improve your landscape layering skills. Get my easy 8-step layering process, the “Master the Mixed Border” checklist & a printable planting pyramid; all for free.

Garden Style Lookbook

Free PDF Lookbook

1-Page reference guides for the main garden styles, including naturalistic, cottage, traditional and modern. Learn how to convert ANY garden to ANY garden style with this free printable lookbook.

Plant Form Printouts Cover Page of Booklet with PDF Download Button

Plant Form Printouts

Free Printables & PDF Guide

Print & cut out these plant forms, then arrange them over a photo of your garden bed to find the perfect design layout. In addition to the plant layouts, you’ll also get my 4 pro tips for arranging plants in a garden bed!

ebook mockup pdf download

Plant Pairing Combinations

Free PDF Guide

Never know what to plant together? Use these plant combinations to up your garden design game.

ebook mockup pdf download

7 Tips For Choosing the Right Plants

Free PDF Guide

7 key questions to ask yourself to help you pick the perfect plants for your landscape.

ebook mockup pdf download

Gardening Secrets Revealed

Free Video Training & PDF Guide

Learn the 3 Secrets that will help you to overcome the biggest gardening challenges that are preventing you from creating your dream garden.

ebook mockup pdf download

Gardening Calendar Tasks

Free Gardening Task Lists for Each Season & Gardening Goals Printable Worksheet

Get a free printable gardening calendar with example tasks for each season plus a “Gardening Goals” [bonus] printable worksheet!

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