I’ve heard some people call these “heat plates” and other call them burner covers. I’m curious if anyone has ever used these and if so, what do you think? These heat plates are one of my most popular pins on pinterest. While people are pinning it like crazy, I’m not sure if they’re actually using them.

heat plates for electric stove

Unlike regular coils, stovetop burner covers provide constant, even heat to your electric stove.

What is the purpose of a heat plate or heat burner cover

So, what exactly is this thing? Well, a heat plate or heat burner cover is a cover that you put on top of the coils on your electric stove. Anyone who has an electric stove knows how inconsistent the coiled heat can be. By using this plate, you are supposed to gain more control over your electric stove. The cover will distribute the heat more evenly, and if you make a ruckus in the kitchen like I do, you’ll find that these heat plates will certainly keep food and random liquids from falling into that little dome of doom and causing your smoke detectors to go off. every. single. night.

So, maybe you’d like to purchase these bad boys, and save yourself some cleanup time and burned food!

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