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I can’t believe it’s been a year… My first anniversary!

Happy anniversary to my home and I! It’s been exactly one year since I signed the contract at the closing on 1-21-12! I thought I’d celebrate this special day with a recap of everything I’ve done since I moved in. It’s quite a list!

I’m still working on the Penny Floor, which I hope to install by the end of this month. Today I’m grouting the backsplash tile in the kitchen, and I’m also in the process of painting the walls in the basement. If you’ve read my New Year’s Resolution post, you’ll see that I’m working on finishing one project before starting another — hopefully I will get better at that!  The rest of my accomplished list is right here for you to read about. Don’t forget to check out my photo gallery:


  1. Fixed service wire
  2. New roof
  3. New gutters on the back of the house
  4. New windows
  5. New front steps and railing
  6. Sanded and painted the front railings
  7. Painted the window trim black
  8. Painted the front & back doors
  9. New mailbox
  10. Parged and painted the foundation
  11. Painted chimney
  12. Regraded the slope of the land near the driveway
  13. Sealed the blacktop on the driveway
  14. Had a survey done
  15. Put in a fence in the backyard
  16. Fixed and painted the shed
  17. Installed a new floor & shelving in the shed
  18. Front yard landscaping
  19. New front and back storm door
  20. Deadbolts on front and back door

Interior Overall

  1. Painted
  2. Cleaned out the chimney trap
  3. New light fixtures throughout
  4. Changed two-prong to three-prong outlets
  5. Insulated the attic
  6. Rezoned the furnace into 2 loops
  7. Mounted living room tv on the wall
  8. Replaced all light switches
My new kitchen island and green stools
My new kitchen island and green stools


  1. New hardware on the cabinets
  2. Above the range microwave
  3. 4 new cabinets to make the kitchen flow better
  4. New sink & faucet
  5. New countertop
  6. Painted the refrigerator with chalkboard paint
  7. Installed icemaker
  8. New ceiling fan and pendant light


  1. New light fixture
  2. New medicine cabinet
  3. Tiled vanity backsplash
  4. Installed new doorknob
  5. New vanity hardware
Still drying, but the floor is finished!
Basement floor painting!


  1. New ceiling lighting
  2. Sheetrocked, painted, and installed lighting in the “Roxy Room”
  3. Converted “Roxy Room” into an art studio/craft room
  4. New toilet & painted “Batroom”
  5. Painted the concrete floor
  6. Sanded and painted the steps
  7. Installed cat door to basement

I couldn’t be more happy in my new home. To look back and this list that I’ve accomplished in just one small year makes me very, very proud. I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from owning a home — pride and a sense of accomplishment. What big projects have you completed in your new home?




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