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10 Pro Landscaping Tips To Sell Your House Fast

home with a sold sign in front

Did you know that your home’s exterior can make your home sell for more money and more quickly?

When it comes to making a memorable first impression, your home’s exterior plays a starring role. After all, it is the first thing potential buyers will see when they pull up to your house!

A well-designed landscape can increase curb appeal and create an ambiance that welcomes potential buyers. In fact, a well-landscaped home has a 5.5%-12.7% price advantage over a home with no landscaping.

So, let’s dive into these 10 landscaping tips for selling your house.

Curb Appeal is Key

cottage with cottage style landscaping
Try to match your landscaping with the style of your home. This landscape looks beautiful with a little cottage, but may not work for a modern home.

First impressions matter; as does your home’s curb appeal. A well-maintained front yard creates an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. 

Ensure your lawn is mowed, bushes are trimmed and pathways are safe and clear. You can also draw attention to the entryway by flanking the porch with containers of colorful flowers. Add a coat of fresh paint or a matching wreath to the front door.

By focusing on curb appeal, you’ll set the stage for the home tour and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

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Add Fresh Mulch and Low-Maintenance Flowers

Soil Improvements: add mulch to your garden
A layer of fresh mulch makes a space feel more tidy and up-to-date.

A few simple landscaping projects can add so much value to your home when selling. Adding a layer of new mulch to flower beds and around trees can instantly transform your landscape. A 2-3″ layer of mulch just makes a garden feel so new, fresh and welcoming.

Plant colorful annual flowers or in-season perennial plants to add a pop of color and make it feel more inviting. But, make sure you keep it simple. You don’t want potential home buyers to think that they’re going to have to spend their weekends maintaining the property. Simple, clean and tidy is what you’re aiming for.

Not sure what to plant or how to make it look good? Check out my Design Your 4-Season Garden course to learn how to create a beautiful landscape layout!

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Define Your Outdoor Spaces

firepit and garden rooms with ocean backdrop in Dubai.
Multiple garden rooms, one with a firepit, allow people to relax and enjoy a beautiful ocean view in Dubai.
Datingscout (CC0 1.0), via Unsplash

Potential buyers highly value the prospect of outdoor living spaces. Design separate outdoor zones like a seating nook, a dining area or a cozy fire pit corner. Having staged outdoor areas helps prospects envision what it would be like to extend their lifestyle to the outdoors.

When you do this right, your home can truly become a canvas for them to imagine their future memories and gatherings with loved ones.

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Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Give your dog his own space where he can be a dog.

A lush and green lawn speaks volumes about the upkeep of your property. Maintain your grass by mowing, fertilizing, watering and tending to weeds. Consider reseeding if necessary.

Artificial grass might be a low-maintenance option, but steer clear. One estimate found that sellers could be looking at a 5% reduction in the sale value if the yard has artificial grass.

A real, thriving lawn not only enhances the surrounding landscaping and sends a clear message to potential homebuyers that the home is well cared for, inside and out.

Ensure Walkways are Safe & Well-Designed

stone path with retaining walls holding plants
I recommend designing walkways at least 4′ wide for easy access. If you can’t make yours wider, make sure they are clean, open and safe to use.

A clear path to the entrance enhances the overall appeal. It’s best to have an entry walk that can accommodate two people walking side by side, which would be about 4′ wide.

But, it’s not always feasible to install new, well-designed walkways when selling a home. At the very least, ensure that walkways are clean, open and safe. A pressure-washer can work wonders!

By maintaining your paths, you create a welcoming journey for buyers as they step toward their future home.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

pathway along traditional style hedges with bright flowers and ferns
A clean, clipped hedge makes this informal garden feel a bit more intentional. Mottisfont Abbey Garden – Hampshire Mark Wordy (CC BY 2.0), via Flickr

Overgrown trees and shrubs can make your property look neglected and high maintenance. So, a simple task to make your home ready to sell is to get rid of any dying or dead plants and prune your existing trees and shrubs.

Tidy, clipped hedges signify that the property is well cared and easy to maintain.

Well-pruned trees can make it easier to see the home and also let more natural light into the windows.

Mature trees can also increase your property value by 10-15% compared to other homes. So think twice before you opt to cut them down!

By investing a little effort into tree and shrub maintenance, you can improve views both outside and inside of the home.

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Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

my backyard sanctuary
My backyard sanctuary as the sun begins to set. All lights are solar powered, which is a really cost effective option when selling your home. Photo by Pretty Purple Door.

Strategically placed outdoor lighting not only highlights your landscape’s best features. If you don’t have the budget to install wired lighting, there are many beautiful solar lighting options on the market that won’t break the bank! My favorites are solar path lights and spotlights.

By adding some outdoor lighting, you can also extend the viewing time for potential buyers into the evenings.

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Include a Small Water Feature

Evita Concrete Fountain
This concrete 3-gallon fountain is weather-resistant and rust-resistant.

A small water feature can add a soothing ambiance to your landscape. The sound of water will welcome potential buyers to their future home. It also drowns out any unwanted noise from traffic or those rowdy neighbors.

When selecting a water feature, keep it small and portable like this concrete 3-gallon fountain (pictured above). Larger water features that are installed into the property can actually lower property value and make it feel like “more work” to prospective buyers. So, temporarily position a small, moveable water feature.

By having a calming water feature in the front or backyard, you can help potential buyers focus on envisioning themselves in the home instead of focusing on any outside noises you can’t control.

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Create a Privacy Screen

photo of several arborvitae trees creating a privacy screen in a yard
A row of Emerald Green Arborvitae in my backyard serves as a screen to make this space feel more private and hide the chain link fence. You could also use a fence, trellis, lattice or curtains to achieve the same effect. Photo by Pretty Purple Door.

If your property lacks privacy, consider creating a privacy screen. Some ways to create privacy with a trellis, lattice panels or even something as simple as crisp, clean curtains.

Planting tall shrubs or trees can also create beautiful and private outdoor spaces. When choosing a “living” screen, I always recommend evergreen shrubs. Evergreens maintain their green foliage throughout the year. As an added bonus, most evergreens require minimal maintenance compared to deciduous plants that lose their leaves. This is a selling point, as buyers often prefer landscapes that won’t require a lot of upkeep.

Bottom line: by having a private outdoor space, you will add to your bottom line. Privacy screening is a simple, inexpensive upgrade that can help to sell your home.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed these landscaping tips to get your home sold. As you can see, landscaping can make a big difference in the sale of your home. And, many aspects of landscaping can also increase your property value!

The biggest takeaway is that just like homeowners, home buyers value outdoor living and beautiful curb appeal. They want their outdoor space to be a reflection of their pride in their home. So, it makes dollars (and sense) to design a beautiful, well-maintained landscape that they can enjoy,

If you’re unsure about any specific landscaping decisions, consulting with a professional landscape designer or enrolling in an online course, like my Design Your 4-Season Garden course, can be a great investment to ensure your efforts are effective and appeal to a wide range of buyers.

When done correctly, you’ll also recoup your landscaping costs when selling your home!

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