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Let there be ICE!

Post party Shawn stopped by to pick up his keyboard, and brought me an ice maker kit for my refrigerator. What a nice surprise. Not sure how to take him sometimes… he’s either pretty observant about what I need at the house… or just maybe annoyed that I didn’t have ice for his mixed drinks last night?? 🙂

My fridge has an ice maker feature but it’s never worked. Upon further investigation, we realized that the water line of the house was not run to the fridge. To fix this, you need an “ice maker kit”  — they sell them at the local hardware store for around $20.  Basically the kit is a tube, that will run from the back of your fridge to the water line, a “self-piercing saddle valve”, and some adapters. It’s also a good idea to pick up some teflon tape (or plumber’s tape) to seal the threads near the adapter, we needed to run out to pick some up after springing a little leak.

After you find the water line, you’ll want to watch this video to learn how to install the saddle valve.

Once the saddle valve is in place, we ran the tube from this valve to the back of the fridge. This involved drilling a hole in the kitchen floor behind the fridge, and also some holes in the wood rafters of the basement ceiling to run the tube neatly to the water line. After the tube is pulled through to behind the fridge, you’ll have to find the adapter that works with your fridge model, then connect the tube to it. Turn the water on VOILA! freshly made ice and water anytime you want it.

Obviously you have to wait a couple hours for the ice to be made. This was the hardest part for me, because I want to always make sure things are working immediately.  Patience is not my virtue.

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