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Let there be light! In the basement…

My dad installed some fluorescent lights in the basement. It was so dark and dingy down there, but now you can actually see where you are going (not that you really want to see my basement since it’s gross). But this is “Phase 2” of the project (Roxy’s room being “Phase 1”). I had him put in 4 large fluorescent lights. He actually bought about 8, and I had to stop him from installing them all 🙂 Eventually I want the basement to be another hang out space, so I thought 8 fluorescents would be a bit much… right?? After some convincing he only put up 4, and I think it’s just the right amount of light. 2 go on right when I flip the switch at the top of the steps, and the two near the back of the basement (where I do my laundry) go on with a separate switch. I really like this feature.

The poor basement has a long way to go yet, but it’s getting there. Here’s my Phase List:

  1. Roxy’s Room – drywall, dimmer switch and ceiling light, strong door, paint on floor & ceiling
  2. Overhead fluorescent lighting.
  3. Bat Room” – I’d like to fix the toilet in the bathroom, as it runs all the time so I’ve shut off the water to it. I’d also like to replace the paneling with drywall, at a new overhead light with a switch, paint the walls, do something with the shower, and paint the floor 🙂
  4. Paint the floor – This is a big one for down the road. Would like to paint the floor so that when I do my laundry and accidentally drop something while putting it in the dryer or removing it from the dryer I won’t’ have to rewash it.
  5. Paint the walls – they need a fresh coat
  6. Replace the utility sink – I will probably paint it first, and replace it in another year or so.
  7. Add furniture, wall art, and rugs.
  8. Hang curtains to separate the laundry/utility space from the “living” space and to hide some of the storage.


original basement lighting
These are the new fluorescents. Like I said, not much to see here (yet), but at least you can see 🙂

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