One of life’s biggest stressors is the act of moving. Whether relocating because of a job, family or downsizing, it can be a painful process to get packed and prepped to leave an old home for a new one. Even though it might be arduous to leave an old and familiar space behind, it can be a great new adventure to start anew.

Here are some tips and tricks for making a new house feel like home sweet home.

4 Quick Ways to Make a New House Feel Like Home

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Boxes Begone

While it might be tempting to leave piles of boxes looming around for days and even weeks, just the act of getting rid of all that cardboard will feel freeing. As it can be overwhelming to dive into all the parts and pieces of a former home, it’s wise to pick a few key rooms to furnish first. The bathroom and kitchen are often the best places to start when it comes to setting up shop.

4 Quick Ways to Make a New House Feel Like Home

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Family Favorites

Sometimes all it takes to make a new nest feel like home is a bit of familiar art or a few family pictures. Outfitting one or two rooms with beloved paintings or photographs is a great way to feel connected and established in a new residence. A bedroom space is a great place to invite cozy vibes with a gallery wall of personal family pictures.

Pet Palace

Keeping all the members of the family happy during a big move can be daunting. Oftentimes, the best way to feel a new home is the right fit is to make sure the furry children of the domain are comfortable and well-adjusted. Making sure that Fido has access to a familiar food bowl, blanket and bedtime supplies is essential to adding a dose of security to a happy housewarming.

4 Quick Ways to Make a New House Feel Like Home,
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Image Credit: Southern Living

Sleep Station

One of the fastest ways to feel at home in a brand new space is to have a fully outfitted bedroom. While it may not be possible to arrange a bedroom so that it’s decorated completely within a few days of the big move, it’s still possible to create a serene and tidy space by just making the bed. Setting up the bed will be a big step towards feeling that a new space is permanent and peaceful.

Written by Amy Spagnola, LuxeDecor

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