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My roof is here My roof is here!!!

New Roof!

Today my roof got installed. I’ve been waiting to do this since I bought my new house. It was a really costly investment, as my roof already has several layers of icky shingles on it that needed to go away. The job included:

  • complete tear-off of the shingle layers
  • hauling away of the debris
  •  30 year architectural shingles
  • covering the existing plywood with 30lb felt paper
  • 3ft ice and water shield
  • 2in drip edge
  • vent caps
  • pipe boots
  • ridge vent for attic ventilation

Lot’s of work goes into roof replacement! Lot’s of words and terms I spent lots of time googling. And, lots of money spent. BUT, the way I see it… I won’t have to worry about it for the next 30 years. Huge weight off my shoulders!


This is similar to what the book of shingles I received looks like. The closeup of the shingles were actually textured samples, too!

After choosing my contractor, he dropped off a pretty cool swatch book which included actual 1×1″ samples of the shingle colors next to a photo of the roof. But… even with this, it’s very difficult to tell what the color will actually look like… just as it is very difficult to tell what the paint chip from the store will look like on your wall.

What I did was walk around the neighborhood and just keep my eyes open as I went on with my daily activities. I noticed that lighter colored roofs tend to show more “damage” on them, such as stains or weathering. I was able to see what types of roof colors looked nice with house colors, if they matched their shutters to the roof, etc. This was really helpful and gave me more confidence in deciding what color I wanted. To freshen things up a bit I changed the color from a pure black to a multi-toned charcoal shingle.

Choosing a color can make such a dramatic impact on your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal. It’s an important decision, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. After all, you’ll be looking at it for the next 30 years!! That’s a long time to hate something (and also why I’m still single!!! hahaha)

Before / After

Of course I couldn’t post this with a before and after photo of the house. Since so much of my roof is visible from the front of the house, it really makes a dramatic impact.



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