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New ceiling fans!

I’m pretty excited to have new ceiling fans. The ones in this house were crazy cyclops looking fans. One I turned on and the blades came flying off and almost hit me in the face. The other hung so low I whacked my head on it half a dozen times at least, and the one in the bedroom was so dusty a big cloud appeared when I turned it on. I decided to replace two fans, with new ceiling fans, and the other I replaced with a nice light fixture I found online.

My friend Shawn was nice enough to install these for me. Since I have 8ft ceilings (which is pretty standard ceiling height) I opted for fans that have a “flush mount” , meaning they don’t need to be attached to a rod in order to hang. This saves you some valuable head room. A new ceiling fan can be quieter and much more energy efficient.

The fans I purchased are advertised with a “5 minute install” label – these are much easier to install, but I still think a person familiar with electrical would take about 30-40 minutes to install one. It’s easier if you have a friend to help you hold it up and hand you things, too! The most interesting thing about the install of these 5- minute fans is that once you have it up near the ceiling, there’s a little hook that allows you hang the fan on the ceiling temporarily while you work. It will hold it up in the air for you so you don’t actually have to hold the entire weight of the fan while you are trying to attach it to the support beam in the ceiling. Shawn said that the fans I got also had really easy blade installation. A few years ago, you had to screw them all in by hand. Now they just sort of click into place.

I’m not sure if I would have taken this project on by myself. Shawn installed the one fan in the kitchen on his own, and I helped him with the other one in the bedroom. It’s definitely doable without an extra person, but having a working knowledge of electrical is a must. It’s also much easier to replace an existing fan with a new one, versus installing a brand new fan where there wasn’t one before because there are support beams that need to be adjusted appropriately to hold the weight of the fan.



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