Great at Procreate for Landscape Designers

Great at Procreate Online Course

Streamline Your Workflow and Draw Deliciously Digital
Designs that your Clients Will Eat Up!

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Create a more efficient digital workflow, while keeping that “hand drawn” feel your clients love.

digital drawing examples
Examples of some digital drawings created in Procreate.

Do you love to hand draw landscape plans, but can’t help but wonder if there’s a more efficient workflow out there? One that will allow you to maintain your unique style AND allow you to design and iterate more quickly and easily? Learning how to use Procreate on the iPad may be the solution you’re looking for!

Great at Procreate helps overwhelmed landscape designers save time with a digital workflow, while still keeping that “hand drawn” feel your clients have come to know and love.

Learning Procreate is NOT about giving up hand-rendering.

Digital vs hand drawing example

Maintain your hand-drawn style

Version A was drawn and colored completely with Procreate.

Version B was hand drawn and colored using Prismacolor markers.

Why do they look so similar? Because I drew both of them! Using Procreate will not remove your style and personality from your drawings… it will just make it easier to create on the go without all of your drawing tools, pens and markers.

Learning Procreate is about giving yourself the flexibility to design quickly and on-the-go when you’re swamped with work and NEED to get things done. Procreate can give you your time back… and isn’t that something we all deserve?

Testimonial screenshot
Testimonial, Tammy Sheffer-Bracha of

“A while back I asked Amy Fedele to teach me to use the procreate drawing app. This app is only available on iPads, and I bought one thinking this would be a good investment. I was not wrong. This app is AMAZING. But, I could not have managed to learn this so quickly and efficiently without Amy. She is truly a gifted instructor….

…My graphic tool kit has finally expended into the 21st century. Amy made it possible! Our one on one sessions were so much fun!!! and she is always there if I have additional questions.”

-Tammy Sheffer-Bracha of

What You’ll Learn

  • Module 1 – Procreate Basics
    Learn all of the basic features of Procreate and where things are in the app. You’ll learn about the Procreate brush library, how to use hand gestures, how pressure sensitivity can work to your advantage.
  • Module 2 – Sketching your Ideas Digitally
    Learn about the limitations/downsides of using Procreate and how to overcome them. You’ll also learn how to sketch your ideas over a photo!
  • Module 3 – Designing in Plan View
    Learn how to draw a plan (overhead) view in Procreate. It will also cover drawing to scale and how to set & print your drawings to scale.
  • Module 4 – Adding Color to Drawings
    Learn how to use color to liven up your drawings in Procreate.
  • Module 5 – Drawing in Perspective
    Learn how to use Procreate’s Perspective Tools to draw in 3D. You’ll also learn about some other tools that will improve your digital workflow as a landscape designer.

Who Is This Course For

This course is perfect for you if you’re a landscape designer AND:

  • You regularly provide drawings / illustrations to your clients (and / or contractors) in order to share your aesthetic vision for a project.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and sometimes get SO busy that it’s difficult to keep up with hand-drawing.
  • You want to be able to draw “on the go” when you don’t have access to your drafting table, rulers, pens and markers.
  • You wish you could save time by hand-drawing objects or patterns once, then reusing them in other designs.
  • You LOVE the look and feel of hand drawing… and don’t want to lose your personal style… but still know there HAS to be a better way.

Not Very Tech-Savvy? That’s OK!

I like to say that if you’re willing to learn then I’m willing to teach you. I said this exact phrase to Angie before she signed up for the course. Here’s what she’s saying now:

“I am sitting before the last session of Amy’s class and just wanted to note to the people, who might think about taking it, but feel like a “non-electronic” person, like me (with 60! Ups!), that I can only recommend this class to them. If I can get through Amy’s wonderful instructional videos, you can!!!

I just went out to try to take some yard photos with my still very new I-pad and had to ask my husband, why am I only seeing the ground (I know how to use the newer and “old style” cameras o.k. enough). He said: Lift it up!…Boy, if your group would only know how little you are into electronics…

Yes, I get stressed about it that’s why I call it my “electronic phobia” to touch these things. You see, that’s why I say that actually my big accomplishment this year was to take Amy’s course and to get better at this “procreate”. I learnt a lot, and the good thing is that I can watch her videos over and over again if I forget how to do it. I am after all still very much in the beginnings of this new thing.

So, yes, if you are in doubt about taking this course, I can only say you will not regret it.“

Angelika Pia Schmid-Riley, 4/3/2022, Tifton, GA

Who Shouldn’t Take This Course

This course is not perfect for everyone. So, if you’re on the fence, you should NOT take this course if:

  • You’re NOT a landscape designer who creates drawings/illustrations to your clients.
  • You don’t have an iPad and Apple Pencil. You’ll need both to take this course.
  • You have an older iPad that’s not compatible with the Apple Pencil. You can check compatibility here.
  • You’re looking for a REPLACEMENT for CAD, Sketchup, Rhino, etc. Procreate will NOT replace these softwares, it will just enhance your computer renderings and make them feel more “hand drawn.”
  • Your current hand-rendering process is working GREAT for you and you don’t really want to learn a new piece of software. I’ve learned that forcing yourself to do this when you’re mind is not in the right place will just create more ‘stress’ and less ‘success.’
  • You are expecting Procreate to be EASY and not challenging. I can teach anyone who is willing to learn, but I cannot teach someone who shuts down because things didn’t click after 30 minutes of practice. It will take some time to learn this program, so be prepared for that. If it was that easy to learn, you probably would not need a teacher 🙂

Success Story

After one-on-one training, Tammy Sheffer-Bracha of was able to use Procreate to develop her vision for this project and share it with the home owners and construction crew.

Perspective Drawing in Procreate

Tammy first used Sketchup and the perspective tools in Procreate to render this drawing.

Adding Color to the Drawing in Procreate

Then, Tammy used Procreate to add color to her design and bring it to life.

Bringing the Vision of this Project to Life

Here is the end result after Tammy’s vision was turned into a reality!
Amy crouching on rock walkway in garden

Why I’m Uniquely Qualified to Teach Procreate to Landscape Designers

In case you don’t know me very well, my name is Amy Fedele and I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. In a nutshell, I have a degree in graphic design and media technology and have about 15 years experience in the field. Since 2014, I’ve also been teaching garden design and writing gardening articles (generally for homeowners) on my website, Pretty Purple Door. Feel free to check out my bio here.

Below are some reasons why I feel I’m uniquely qualified to teach this course. I hope it helps you to make the right decision for YOU!

I am educated in technology, communications, design AND landscaping: I have a degree in Mass Communications and Media Technology and a diploma in Garden Design and Maintenance. I’ve worked in tech/design for over 15 years and landscaping for 8 years.

I love technology: I have been using Adobe products (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.) for the last 25 years. So, I’m no stranger to tech & design. I love to try out ANY new software that comes out. My love of tech comes out in my teaching, making it fun and easy to follow along.

I’ve trained many non-techy people: I spent 6 years managing a very large University website, while providing training and ongoing support to 170 (mostly non-techy) web content editors tasked with updating various areas of the website. So, if you’re not a tech-geek like me… that’s ok… I’ve got your back.

I have A LOT of patience: I spent 5 years providing training and support at an international nonprofit that teaches women in Africa basic computer and finance skills. During my time there, I trained over 25 staff members in Africa how to video chat, how to create/submit/manage online forms, how to use social media, how to take better photos and how digitally share docs/photos/videos to staff halfway across the world. Many of the women I trained had never even TOUCHED a computer… so I’m sure that you are lightyears ahead of where they started.

This ain’t my first rodeo: 300+ students have completed my other online courses about planting design. I’ve also taught tech-related online courses about marketing and Facebook advertising. The most common feedback I receive is that my lessons are always “easy to understand and get straight to the point.”


If you have any more questions, please contact me at [email protected] and I’m happy to answer any other questions you have.