Carolyn had wanted to do a penny backsplash or floor for several years.  She trolled the web for other designs but in the end the pennies had their way 🙁

While she originally thought she would used dark aged pennies for the bulk of her project and bright shiny pennies for the design / contrast, she was caught off-guard when her husband came home from the bank with her first $25 box.  They were all brand new uncirculated shiny coppery pennies!!

She fell in love with them.

Her design ideas turned upside down, and she ended up with something totally organic.  It reminds me of henna designs, just fun and balanced side to side with a few twists.

Carolyn’s penny floor has coins from her family birthdate years and quite a few Indian head, Canadian, wheat, and even a 1943 zinc penny.  After much research, she used a product called Musselbound Adhesive Tile Mat, grouted over this, and sealed with 3 coats of poly.

The final touch was installing the glass range hood that you see.  Loving it.  It does make me smile.

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