Fiona’s penny kitchen backsplash contains about 6500 Canadian pennies, random heads/tails, random shiny/dull pennies. They are  placed as close together as possible.

She glued the pennies onto the penny floor template, then sealed with spray sealer before attaching to wall. She used a standard thinset to secure the sheets to the wall, then grouted with black non-sanded grout. After the grout dried, she put a couple of coats of roll-on water-based polyurethane.

When finished, the wall + chimney vent ended up being the focal point of the room. The penny wall changed as the light changed, always some sparkle, and in the evening it was so warm and inviting—it almost glowed in the incandescent lighting.

Sadly, Fiona has since sold the house, but she said she already has a collection of pennies ready to go for the next wall project. She says “I don’t know if the new owners kept it (I hope so, too! :^), but the real estate agents sure loved it as a selling feature.”

Fiona said she will definitely do another penny wall. She lives in Canada, which as you probably know, has discontinued the penny (ironically, on the very same day that I glued the last penny on this wall!). Although pennies are no longer in circulation, she’s been gladly buying penny jars from from folks since and has a good stash when it’s time for the next one. 🙂



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Fiona's penny backsplash closeup
Fiona's penny backsplash glows in the light

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