Kelly’s foyer was freehanded — how incredible to do this by eye!

Kelly separated dark from newer pennies and began a mosaic pattern. This project took her about three weeks 3 weeks from start to finish. She says that gluing the pennies and keeping straight lines was the hardest part. Kelly grouted the pennies, sealed with several polyurethane coats to protect the finish, and viola! It’s gorgeous, durable!

Kelly says, “I would recommend removing any floor underneath and installing basic subfloor panels to glue the pennies on.” She also suggests scratching the subfloor surface so the glue and grout will stick, and either a poly coat or an epoxy coat to seal it in well.” She also emphasized the need to allow enough drying time between coats and phases.

This photo is after one coat of poly and grout. I must say I’m jealous of this one!

Check out her step by step ideabook on

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