Rick’s Penny Floor Map

Rick's Penny Floor Map

After 4 long years, Rick’s penny floor with map design is complete! This is the most intricate penny floor design I have ever seen!

About Rick’s Penny Floor

Rick’s project took him nearly 4 years and consists of pennies, nickels and other coins from around the world. He created a large map of the eastern hemisphere on the floor of his man cave. The outlines of the land are outlined using a black spray paint and the compass is pennies that have been painted red!

Rick estimates that the map contains about 70,000 pennies and 8,000 nickels. In each country he features at least one coin from that area within the design. He got most of these foreign coins off eBay.

To highlight the western hemisphere, he created a bar that features coins from EVERY state as well as the surrounding islands of North and South America. 

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