This home owner wanted to create a special floor for her favorite room; her 6×9′ pantry. After seeing a penny bartop at a local bar and her love to collect all things copper, a penny floor seemed a natural choice! was one of the first sites she found to get some information on the process. As you can see in one photo, using the penny template helped her to create the medallion “L” for the room’s center. The “L” represents her last name and also that she calls her pantry “The Lincoln Room”.

To finish the floor of her Lincoln Room, this homeowner used polyurethane. While she liked the glass-look of the epoxy resins, the process of pouring epoxy is a bit intimidating with great potential for mistakes. The polyurethane was a good alternative solution!

She added, “The extra effort you put forth to document your efforts and knowledge, (from experience), and share it with strangers like me, is incredible and very much appreciated. Thank you very much!”

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