Considering updating your front door color to a lovely shade of purple? Let me make your research a little easier for you with these awesome color suggestions for purple front doors. While I was doing my own color research, I realized how difficult it is to find purple front door color suggestions – i.e. actual brand and color names. So, hopefully these suggestions and pictures will help you along in your search for the purple front door. Need more convincing? You should first check out my post on the meaning of a purple front door. Then, after you choose the perfect color check out my post on how to properly paint your front door.


My Top Picks for Purple Front Doors

Purple front door color suggestions

Purple Energy (Clark and Kensington)

This is my front door, and it’s certainly a “safer” purple front door color. Also nearly impossible to get a nice photo of it, haha. I will keep trying, though. It’s a muted purple that would go well with just about any color scheme. Curious about the color purple? Find out what it means.

Purple Energy 5056

Purple front door color suggestions

Autumn Purple (Benjamin Moore)
Crushed Berries (Benjamin Moore)

I love the mix of 2 purple front door colors — you can do the trim in a darker or lighter version of purple. (Image Source)
Purple front door color suggestions

Majestic Violet (Benjamin Moore)
Purple Rain (Valspar)

A plum/eggplant purple front door color is perfect for someone inspired by the dark and mysterious. For the sophisticated and the elegant, this color of purple gives off a vibes of wealth and prosperity.

Majestic Violet 2068-10  |  Purple Rain CI127

Purple front door color suggestions

Burgundy Velvet (Clark & Kensington)

Don’t forget what your purple front door color will look like from the inside of your home. It’s important to make sure it doesn’t completely clash with the decor of the room in the front of your home.  If it does, try painting a vase, picture frame, or flower pot in the same purple front door color. Or choose an area rug that pulls in the door color with the other colors of your room!

Burgundy Velvet 44D-4

Purple front door color suggestions

Mountain Ridge (Benjamin Moore)

How about a strong and bold color that makes a statement? I like this gorgeous raisin with undertones of purple and gray and brown. It’s an unusual color for a front door. A little mysterious.

Mountain Ridge 1456

Purple front door color suggestions

Fashionista (Clark and Kensington)

Not too light, not too dark, this purple is so pretty. I love how it pops against the green foliage.

Fashionista 41D-4

Purple front door color suggestions

Direct Line 436 (Beauti-Tone)

When purple is perfect it is downright majestic.

Direct Line 436 | alternatives: Majestic Purple by Sherwin Williams


Purple front door color suggestions

Hidden Mountains (Beauti-Tone)

This deep, deep purple really does look like mountains hidden in the shadows.

Hidden Mountain 5135EC



Purple front door color suggestions

Passion Plum (Benjamin Moore)

What a great cabinet color! Wouldn’t it also look beautiful on a front door?

Passion Plum 2073-30

Purple front door color suggestions

Dynamo (Sherwin Williams)

OMG This door looks just like a rhododendron bush. Actually that tree is called “Barbara Karst Bougainvillea” – but isn’t the door lovely?

Dynamo SW 6841

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Purple Front Door Color Suggestions Pinterest Image

(original post from 2014 has been updated in July, 2016 and March 2019)

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