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Quincy gets a cat door!

Hooray for totally random Sunday projects! Today I installed a cat door for the Quince.

While strolling around Lowe’s I stumbled upon a “pet” aisle. Who knew they had a pet aisle? Definitely not me! Anyway, I saw these little doggy and kitty doors, and I thought, hey, why not? You see, Quincy’s litter box is in the basement, so I have to leave that basement door open all the time so he can get in and out. It’s kind of annoying, because the door is smack dab in the middle of my house. By adding a cat door, I was able to still allow him to get downstairs without having to look at the stairwell all the time.

Installing the cat door was a really easy project. I purchased the PetSafe brand cat door, in the “Big Cat” size (haha, poor Quincy… he’s such a bull). Anyway, I got the kit home and it didn’t really give ANY written instructions… just a bunch of photos that are supposed to tell you what to do. This wasn’t really helpful at all. So, I searched the internet and found a handy-dandy YouTube video that goes over the steps to installing the door. Take a look:

Here you can see the circle outline I created in pencil. I then took a 1/2″ drill bit to poke a hole through the door so I could position the jigsaw.

Really the basic jist of the installation is:

  1. remove the door from the hinges
  2. trace a big circle onto the door where you want the cat door to be
  3. use a jigsaw to cut out that hole
  4. assemble the “tunnel” pieces (the parts that will set within the door where you just cut). This was the most difficult part for me
  5. attach the outer and inner casings
  6. put the door back on the hinges.
Now, the real “hard part” — getting the Quince to USE the door.

Good thing he’s a quick learner!! Who said you can’t teach an old cat new tricks??


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