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Reversible Pallet Door Hanger

Reversible Pallet Door Hanger by

This reversible pallet door hanger features a scarecrow on one side that flips to a snowman on the other side. It’s a great way to transition from fall to winter without any hard work or storage. Just flip it over and you’re done!

Reversible Pallet Door Hanger by
This project was really easy and fun. I just used my creativity to come up with the designs for these fellas. Aren’t they adorable?

Reversible Pallet Door Hanger Materials

  • Pallet wood – 4 slats (3 for the body and 1 cut in half vertically for the hat brim)
  • 2 thinner pieces of wood for support at the bottom
  • Paint – I used what I had on hand.  White & Tan (watered down) , orange for the noses, and black chalkboard paint for the snowman hat.
  • Stain – You could use brown paint or whatever you have, but I used stain for my scarecrow hat
  • Some wire, bottle caps, balsa wood, rocks, screws, buttons, straw (facial features)
  • Burlap, pieces from an old flannel coat, a Christmas sock, jute rope, misc craft items for the scarf, neck, and hat
  • Screws, Staplegun
  • Glue (I used Weldbond)
  • Picture fastener clips Try These: 1 X 100 D Ring Hanger w/ Screws

Make sure that you clean your pallet wood, and sand it down so that it’s nice and ready to paint. It will be difficult to work on if it’s not sanded. If you choose not to sand wear gloves and be very careful. You may get injured.

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Reversible Pallet Door Hanger Assembly

Cut your 4th pallet piece vertically down the center to make the brim of the hat. Line your 3 pallet pieces up next to each other, and temporarily screw in your brim to figure out where you want your brim to be. You’ll want to mark your brim on both sides so that it’s exactly lined up with each other. I find it easier to remove this for painting then reassemble the door hanger later.

Temporarily screw this in, then mark it. You’ll want to remove it for painting, etc. then be able to put it back in.

Attach the thinner wood piece along the bottom using screws. You can get away with one, or put this support piece on both sides — it should get covered by your scarf or scarecrow collar anyway.

Reversible Pallet Door Hanger by

Paint Faces and Hats

After you get your wood assembled you can paint/stain  them. I watered down my paint a bit and layered it on to create more texture and variation. As I said before, it’s easier without the brims on so you can paint that wood separately (don’t forget to paint both sides of the wood). Start with the face and hat colors, then after it dries you can flip it over and do the other side.  Once my paint for the face was dry I distressed it a bit with sandpaper to get some of the wood grain back. I wanted these to look “old” so wh

Reversible Pallet Door Hanger by

Add Accessories

Add your collar and scarf.

I cut up the collar from an old flannel shirt for my scarecrow. My scarf is a festive Christmas sock. I glued them on with the Weldbond glue.

Add your hat “bling”

I just mixed some of the elements from the scarecrow collar, burlap and some leaves and twine to make a cute little decoration. I glue and stapled this in place. The snowman just got a simple little leaf/berry element since his whole hat is a chalkboard.

Give it some hair

I glued and stapled some “hair” onto my scarecrow. This is actually some dead flower pieces from my yard. I tied a little ribbon around the top to hide the staples and glue I used to fasten it.

Make Your Face

This was fun. For the scarecrow I used some wire and squiggled it around. I played with all sorts of materials before I came to this configuration. My snowman just has some black stones (remind me of coal), and a carrot nose. The black circles inside of the eyes are just bottle caps I spray painted black. Any kids in your life would be great at this part. Use your imagination.

Reversible Pallet Frame variation: girl scarecrow
Here’s another variation I made with a girl scarecrow

Hang Your Reversible Pallet Door Hanger

Use 1 X 100 D Ring Hanger w/ Screws or something similar to attach a hanger to the top.  I ended up finding some cool rope at the dollar store and tied a slip knot in it so I could change the height at which it hangs.

Wrapping Up

So what do you think? Pretty cool? No need to copy me on this one, seriously. I’d love to see your take on this. If you think reversible is too much, you can always make a one sided one. Don’t have pallets? Just use a single board or piece of plywood. Like to paint? Do it up!  I think this is another really fun project that you can completely customize to your taste and style. Just thought I’d share it with you.

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