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Bye, Bye Scary Service Wire

My super handy electrician / solar friend Shawn offered to help me with some updates to the house. I actually consulted with him before I bought the house.  A good tip is to take photos of everything. Of course the listing photos are going to be nice, but when you get to the house you’ll probably see a lot of undesirable angles. I took pictures of these things to have as a reference, then consulted with family and friends who were more experienced in these areas (construction, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc.)

After showing Shawn the photos, he assured me that it was just a matter of replacing the service wire to the house. When all is said and done, the cost of materials was less than $90. An electrician would probably charge closer to $1,000 for this work, so I was really able to cut my cost by having a friend work on it.

While I don’t know much about what Shawn did, I do know that the wire went from being exposed on the side of my house, to being fully encased. The problem with the deterioration of the wire lies in the issue of moisture. Every time it rains, if your wire is exposed, the rain is getting inside the casing and dripping down the wire. This causes the actual circuit box to rust out — not to mention the potential fire hazard if a wet wire gets struck by lightening.

Here are some pictures of the deteriorating wire:


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