My latest project was to use build a wooden unit for shed shelving using bins for organization. We actually found the perfect bins FIRST, then built the shelves to accommodate the size of the bins. This worked out perfectly and now all my stuff is neatly tucked away in clear plastic containers where I can find it. Hopefully the rest of my shed will look this good soon, too!

Shelving Using Bins

I actually found the idea to build shelving using bins on Pinterest, so I’m not going to repost all the carpentry plans. We found great instructions already online over at diydesignfanatic, so check those out if you want to build this yourself.

My Shelving Using Bins Dimensions

shelving using bins

The dimensions for my shelving using bins were simple: 8ft long and 2ft spacing between (a total of 8ft high). This left me a 2ft space on the floor and a shelf on the top to put some items (the ceiling of my shed slants so I didn’t buy any bins for the top shelf).

What Bins Did I Use?

I thought you’d never ask! The bins I purchased were Sterilite 17571706 66-Quart ClearView Latch Box Pack of 6*.

The dimensions of these bins are 13.25″ H x 16.38″ W x 23.63″ D. This gives you enough room to fit 5 bins across at the 8ft length and 2ft high dimensions (if you are following my build). Obviously you can build this any size you’d like and use any bins you’d like, just make sure you give yourself a little extra height and width room when building so they aren’t crammed on the shelves.

Struggle and Rant about Lawn Furniture

So, shelving using bins is the first step to making my shed more organized. While organizing, I have also been working on streamlining my process in transitioning from season-to-season, and decluttering the shed in general.

patio chair nightmares

I’m getting rid of these chairs, and I have another set of 6 of them that are even larger. They don’t fold, or stack. What the heck do I do?

My ongoing struggle is to purge the bulky wrought iron lawn furniture that doesn’t stack or come apart easily and slowly replacing it with nice stuff that will fold or stow away easily. As much as I like to sit outside and have nice looking items, I am just so tired of dealing with the assembly and dismantling or the lawn furniture. Any advice beyond what I am doing would be greatly appreciated in the comment area.


My next project is to build a countertop/workstation out of an old countertop I have from my kitchen renovation. From there I’ll be able to store move items underneath the counter and above the counter on smaller shelving units. The third step will be to organize the yard tools and other items on peg boards, and then finally find more permanent homes for the “big” items like the lawnmower, snowblower, grill, etc.

*On a side note, the Amazon cost is a little higher than what you can find locally for these, although having them delivered right to your door is not a bad deal.



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