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ebook cover for designing landscape layers

*NEW* Designing Landscape Layers eBook (v2.0)

I’ve poured everything I know about landscape layering into to a beautifully designed & illustrated 100+ page ebook. I will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know to create structure, layering and interest in your garden for all four seasons. 110 pages.

The 4-Season Garden Guide eBook Cover

The 4-Season Garden Guide eBook

Learn how to pair plants for maximum impact and interest in your garden—in all 4 seasons! This is a gorgeous, colorful guide with lots of pictures and examples that will break down exactly how you can choose plants for 4-season interest in your garden and create unique plant combinations for gorgeous garden moments. 32 pages.

metal sculpture serves as focal point in traditional graden

Focal Points eBook

Learn how to place focal points in your landscape so they not only look great but have a purpose. No more guessing at where to put statues, sculptures, bird baths, fountains and other points of interest! Take your curb appeal to the next level. 33 pages (updated December, 2022).

Ultimate Garden Planner Bundle

The Ultimate Garden Planner BUNDLE

This bundle includes:

  • Garden Planner Kit – This kit includes 5 printable worksheets you can use to document and plan your landscape garden design.
  • Designing Landscape Layers eBook (v2.0) – This 100+ page landscape gardening eBook will help you to achieve the layered, four season landscape of your dreams.
  • Project Planning Worksheets – Plan literally ANY project with this worksheet (2 variations included). Organize home renovations, DIY projects and even lists/projects for crafts and hobbies like quilt making or restoring a car! It’s so versatile that you’ll find yourself coming back to the sheet over and over again.
Custom Gardening Calendar Workbook Cover

Gardening Calendar Workbook

A 30 page workbook with 12+ printable templates to plan and crush your #GardeningGoals in style.

Printable Garden Planner Kit

Printable Garden Planner Kit (aka: Garden Planning Worksheets)

5 printables you can use to plan and document your garden design.

Project Planner worksheets

Project Planning Worksheets

2 versatile printables to keep track of your home & hobby projects.

Penny Floor FAQ Featured Image

Penny Floor Template

With the penny floor template you can use your floors while setting your pennies onto mosaic sheets and avoid the back-breaking work of being hunched over pushing pennies into the floor.

Home Gardening Courses

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Gardening Tools & Resources

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