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4-Season Garden Guide eBook

Learn to pair plants for maximum impact and interest in your garden—in all 4 seasons! This is a gorgeous, colorful guide with lots of pictures and examples that will break down exactly how you can choose plants for 4-season interest in your garden and create unique plant combinations for gorgeous garden moments.

  • Learn how to combine plants together
  • Properly use contrast, texture, form and color in your garden plantings
  • Think about plant color “beyond the bloom”
  • Ensure that your plants bloom at the same time
  • Create a garden with seasonal interest and no “dead” times
  • Learn simple tips for arranging plants in your garden
  • Examples of plant combinations for every season (17 total)

32 Pages

The 4-Season Garden Guide eBook Cover

Table of Contents

  • What makes a great plant combination?
  • Evoke a feeling
  • Using Contrast in the Garden
  • Color Contrast
    • Color Schemes
    • Color Echoes
    • Beyond the Bloom
  • Texture Contrast
  • Form Contrast
  • Bringing it all together
  • Seasonal Color & Bloom Time
  • Arranging Your Plants
  • Seasonal Plant Combinations (ordered by season)

32 Pages