Garden Planner Kit

The Garden Planner Kit contains instant PDF downloads of printable gardening worksheets for planning your garden & landscaping ideas. Design and track your plantings and even sketch your ideas for reference. The Garden Planner Kit is great for new and experienced gardeners looking for reusable worksheets to print over and over again.

Watch the video above to learn how you can use the Garden Planner Kit Printable Worksheets to plan your garden.

What’s Included in the Garden Planner Kit?

Garden Planner Kit: Half Page with Grid

Half page with grid

For smaller plans, add your plants and sketch your design all on one page!
Garden Planner Kit: Full Page

Full page

For larger plans, print this full page design where you can list over 20 plant types.
Garden Planner: full page with extra spacing

Full page with extra space

Need more space to write? With this version you can add more details. Space for over 10 plant listings.
Garden Planner Kit - Grid with notes section

Sketch grid with notes section

Use this full page grid and notes section to reference your plant lists or just to dream up something awesome.
Garden Planner Kit: Grid only

Full page sketch grid

No need for a notes section? Use this full page grid to plot out your entire garden with no distractions!

How The Garden Planner Kit Works

Garden Planner Printable - Closeup of sheet

Note characteristics of your garden

Enter the location of your garden on the garden planner worksheet: i.e. “front yard foundation garden”

Add the concept: this can just be a description of what you’re trying to achieve: i.e. “low maintenance 4-season interest”

In the season(s) block, note what season your garden will flourish

Check off the sunlight level needed in your location so that you can ensure all of the plants you choose will work in this location

Enter the details of each plant

Give each plant a reference number or letter, and note the quantity you need on the worksheet.

Mark the plant type (evergreen tree/shrub, deciduous tree/shrub, plant/flower, vine, groundcover or grass) and color of the plant each season

Use the notes section, include items like the size, special features and water needs. You can even add notes about the health of your plant as the season goes on.

Sketch out your design on the grid

Use the garden planner kit grid printables to sketch out your garden, then mark where each plant goes using the reference number

Not so artsy? You can also print out photos of plants and stick them on, or use the little stakes that come with your plants as you purchase them.

Printable Garden Planner Kit Pinterest Image

What Blooms with What?

Plantpairingguide teal mockup web %28custom%29

Never know what to plant together? Find out with this FREE Plant Pairing Guide and become a pro at combining plants for the best garden design possible!

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