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Garden Statement Workbook

The Garden Statement Workbook will help you hone in on you unique garden style (how you want your space to function, look like & feel).

Adding your unique personality is the key to creating an outdoor space you’ll want to go outside and spend time in! This workbook will help you get clear on what you actually want so you can make it a reality.

If you’re dreaming of garden oasis that’s oozing with style and feels the way you’ve always imagined it, download the Garden Statement Workbook today! 

You’ll learn:

  • Simple prompts will help you analyze your own personal style so you can infuse your style into a “uniquely you” outdoor space.
  • Learn how to take cues from your wardrobe and home décor… so you can infuse your personal style into yard.
  • Learn what you need and want from your garden space… so you can make your landscape a personal reflection of you and your family.
  • Learn the secrets to garden styles; what makes a cottage garden (& other styles) what they are… so you can incorporate that style in your own space like a pro.
  • Explore colors, their meanings and their energy levels… so you can choose a color palette that reflects how you want to feel in your space. 

Ready to dive into this fun and reflective workbook? Get the Garden Statement Workbook right now for $20.00!

22 Pages
Updated December, 2022

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What Others Are Saying…

“I think working through the Garden Statement was so enlightening! Especially defining a purpose for a garden – that was an eye-opener for me.” -Deb W.

“While my vegetable gardening has been highly functional and productive, I was dissatisfied with my garden’s lack of cohesion and beauty. Your well organized material made it so easy to think about a huge subject and made it approachable and easy to understand. I’m feeling confident and very satisfied!” -Darlene H.

“Creating my garden statement helped me to ‘see’ the potential for the garden to be more than just a wildlife habitat. What it was missing was me! How did I (and my family and friends) fit into this new garden space.” -Student

Define a Clear Vision For Your Garden

💐 If you’re anything like me, you fall in love with every single plant you see at the garden center. I want to take them ALL home with me and tuck them into my landscape here and there.

📸 But a design is much stronger with a clear vision for your space. And without that vision, squeezing plants into already full garden beds only makes matters worse.

❄️ The snow is melting, spring is coming and you look outside, wondering if you have yet another spring and summer of NOT fully enjoying your outdoor space. Yet, when you close your eyes and try to envision what you want, all you can see are endless images of pretty things that don’t have any cohesive vision. Even if you’ve tried to implement your ideas, they don’t make sense and never turn out like you thought.

🌻 Maybe you bring someone along with you to the garden center, hoping they’ll stop you from spending a gazillion dollars on nine more plants that you have zero space for? Filling your space with more plants than we have room for feels good (in the moment). Then, it looks more cluttered than it does beautiful because there’s no clear vision to tie the space together. There’s always this “nagging feeling” that it’s not enough.

🏡 If you don’t know where to get started with your landscaping… this workbook is where you start (yes, even before you start picking plants).

Your “Garden Statement” will give you a clear lens through which all of your garden ideas can pass through.

Like a crystal (clear) garden style gazing ball!

☕️ Imagine you’re in your bathrobe and slippers, sipping your morning coffee on your new handpicked porch swing, surrounded by your favorite flowers and the sound of the water in the stream that you had put in. Instead of putting it off as another dream for another year, what if this is the year that you actually did it?

🖼️ Instead of getting lost in all of the ideas that never felt possible, you’re now moving on to the fun part: getting to design your landscape in a way that 100% vibes with your own personality and style. With your garden statement complete, your decisions will feel clear and you’ll know exactly what to do to make your dream garden a reality.

🏪 Because you have a vision in place, every time you walk into the garden center you know exactly what you’re looking for. And, when any distraction catches your eye, you pull your garden statement out of your pocket and instantly you’re back on track. You save a boatload of money, purchasing only the things you need. And it always feels like enough.

🍽️ Plus, you will have a space that you feel a lot of pride in. You’ll be excited to either spend time in it yourself or finally host that dinner party for your friends and loved ones. A feeling of pride and gratitude will swell over you when a morning walker asks you if they can stop and smell your flowers or snap a photo next to your Zen buddha fountain.

🍷 After a long day, you’re looking forward to grabbing a cup of coffee (or glass of Pinot) and stepping outside to your backyard oasis; a space that accurately reflects the vision you had from the beginning. All of the stress from the day just melts from your shoulders as your fingers graze the dragonfly wind chime your grandmother left to you. You stroll along your garden path admiring the colors, scents and the buzzing activity; completely in AWE that the garden YOU created feels so alive.

All because it started with your unique vision: aka Your Garden Statement.

This easy-to-follow workbook will get your garden planning unstuck & infuse your personal style into your space.

What’s Inside?

Information and fill-in-the-blank prompts that will guide you to a completed paragraph that will give you everything you need to know about your garden style and what your outdoor space is for.

Topic List

  • What is a Garden Statement?
  • “For” & Function
  • Garden Purpose
  • Garden Activities
  • Getting Specific 
  • Personal Style
  • Matching your style to your garden (or not…)
  • Garden Styles: Hardscaping & Color
  • Color Meaning & Energy
  • Completing Your Garden Statement

Get the workbook today for just $20.00!

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About the Author

Amy Fedele, Founder of PrettyPurpleDoor.com

I’m Amy and I teach garden lovers how to design impressively beautiful landscapes that are colorful in all four seasons, show off your personality and suit your lifestyle.

I have a diploma in Garden Design and Maintenance and I am also a professional graphic designer and (obviously) a garden lover. I’ve been teaching garden design for nearly a decade and have been featured by lots of publications like The Spruce, HomeTalk, Country Living Magazine, The Family Handyman, BuzzFeed and more!

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