Penny Floor Template

The downloadable PDF penny floor template is your key to success when creating your penny floor.

Why do you need a template?

  • Continue to use your floors while setting your pennies onto mosaic sheets.
  • Avoid the back-breaking work of being hunched over pushing pennies into the floor.
  • Work at your own pace building easy to manage 1x1ft mesh sheets of penny tile. Work on nights or weekends if you want.

Download Includes:

  • 4 printable penny floor PDF templates – These are all straight rows of pennies – no “fancy” designs are included.
  • 5 page instruction guide
penny floor template
Learn how to make a penny floor and make sure you read this penny floor FAQ post before you get started!


“It can be done. If you’re here researching whether you should do it or not, you can and should!”


“The extra effort you put forth to document your efforts and knowledge, (from experience), and share it with strangers like me, is incredible and very much appreciated. Thank you very much!”


“You are an inspiration for our own floor design and a wealth of information! Thank you for your brilliance and pathfinding ways to this design idea. Otherwise we’d still be trying to figure out how to start.”


Photo Gallery

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Make a Penny Floor Out of Real Pennies