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“The Day the Eagle Died” – Fixing the Shed

Today’s project was making the creepy eagle shed a bit less scary. It’s only a “Phase 1” fix… to make it presentable, but it looks sooooo much better already.

It took the entire day! Here’s what we did:

  • Scraped the peeling paint off as best as we could.
  • My dad helped me remove the 7 bolts holding the cast iron eagle in place. Yes… 7.
  • We banged the door back into the frame and screwed it back in place. We also put some wood at the bottom of the door to replace the part that is deteriorating… just until we can get a new door.
  • We removed the lighting from the front and side. The wires were still live — yikes!
  • We installed “barn” doors on the side, with a little latch to lock it.
  • Paint, paint and more paint!
  • Finally, the shop vac took care of most of the peeling paint.


It was a long day, but well worth the effort.

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