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The Kitchen: Door and Cabinet Hardware

The original kitchen

The countertops in my kitchen are very very old. They are formica, in a mustardy yellow color. They are in decent shape but just so outdated. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t have room to replace them right now, so I’m trying to work around them.

Then it dawned on me… why work around them? Let’s just play up the color and go for it. The color I used for the walls is DKC-62 by Donald Kaufman. It’s really neutral taupe color featured in House Beautiful’s 26 Designer Share Their Favorite Grays. I thought since I did the walls neutral to work with the honey cabinets that I could use an accent paint color to play nice with the mustardy countertops.

Enter: Benjamin Moore Anjou Pear.

Here you can see the new door color next to the mustard yellow countertop. They don't match, but they work nicely toegether.

I absolutely love this color. Since pretty much every room of my house is incorporating chartreuse green, why not bring it into the kitchen? Instead of going pure green, I chose Anjou Pear because it is more of a yellow green that’s muddied down a bit. It doesn’t go matchy-matchy with the countertops but it plays really nicely. It’s also a more modern color, and I feel it really brings the kitchen more up-to-date. Lindsey helped me paint the inside of the back door in Anjou Pear, and I’ve also added it to a coatrack near the door.

My next project is to spray paint some floating shelves in this color and use those to hold some mason jars of sugar, flour, etc. I also have a white Ikea desk in the kitchen that I wallpapered the drawers of in a modern green print. It’s really tying together nicely!

I also replaced the cabinet drawer pulls with new chrome ones I found at CoolKnobsandPulls.com. Not only were they reasonably priced (I needed 26!), but they are like nothing I’ve ever seen before!! Very unique. I love modern style, and shiny things, but my kitchen is just too old for this to work (haha, it’s funny but true!!). You can’t force these things. I want to update it without losing it’s character, or trying too hard to make it something that it’s not. This is why these are a good option. They are very mid century, and add some shine to the cabinets without making them look out of place.


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